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    Roxio video converters are very slow

    Thanks PoisonGirl I will try your suggestions this evening. It is my experience that so many of the EMC9 "nice/new functions" will still use the core applications like the DiskCopier ( always was and I think still is very slow). I will also try the Rexio Labs to see what is there. Thanks again. I hope I will also get some answers from people who already used the EMC9 for video conversions.
  2. I never had much luck with Roxio products but I kept upgrading and ending up using Nero instead. This time I just upgraded my Roxio to rev 9 to use the advertised conversion functionality. I record TV shows on my Windows MCE2005 and would like to convert them to my portable player. I installed the upgrade and used a small drv-rm file to convert (only 20 MB in size, only few minutes recording). The conversion went to the end and it seems to be OK. It took quite a time. Then I tried to convert a full hour TV show and after 36 hours of converting and about 67% progres the program stop to respond. Then I used a mpg4 file and tried to convert it to the wmv9. It went for long, but it was again a short movie, and the process ended correctly, but the converted video had only white screen and correct sound. I do a lot of converting using Nero or DivX converters and never had such problems. I would assume that, lets say 1 hr movie, should take no more then 1 hr to convert. 36 hrs seems very bad and makes your product unusable. I'm using P4, 3.2GHz multimedia 17" HP Pavilion with plenty of RAM and HD space. Is there anything you could recommend to improve the conversion process? Are there any benchmarks for your product? What is your personal experience in converting videos using Roxio products? Are you satisfied? BTW, I do not see any posts regarding the issue. It's hard to believe that nobody else has the problems I'm having. Lastly, I tried to burn some of my DivX (portable) music videos onto the DVD and selected option with DivX menu. After the whole night of processing the Roxio did not even start burning yet! The program was still responsive and I was able to quit it properly. It took me less then 5 minutes to create the same DVD with Nero (same platform, same videos, only no menu). What gives? Regards, Marek