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    Sonice MY DVD Plus V

    Hi, I have a new HP Desktop running Sonic MY DVd Plus v6.2.0.0. I was running the same program on another HP desktop. Both computers, when I create a DVD using AVI files, I get a bunch of errors. The best fix for "unable to import files, software missing" is by installing the AVI Codec Pack 2. NOW- Even using a variety of separate AVI Files, whenever I try to Burn my Project to disc, I get this message "internal software error: .\vobulator\BlockPlanner\BlockPlanner.cpp, line 213 -2". I have gotten the same error on both systems. One had WMP 9 & one had WMP 10 installed. I found 2 threads on search for this issue but both are in foreign languages & translating did NOT help. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the Roxio Applications & I still have this issue. Any suggestions? If Roxio cannot write these files, does anyone have any suggestions for another software that will Read & allow editing of recorded tv, avi to dvd files, & you can use it to take still shots out of movies? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  2. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. Almost a year ago I purchased a HP d4100y Pavilion Desktop. I have had more problems that I can count with system. Sonic has been a constant trial. Again, after using the "Create a Project" & making a DVD, I cannot get the disc to finalize. I get an error message that there was a problem finalizing disc and that is all. I did do the firmware update recommended by HP for cd/dvd drives. At one point (before I restored OS 20+ times) i had fixed this problem. I have found some notes I made that I don't entirely understand: but here they are: "px engine update" "support.sonic.com/desktops/downloads.asp?product=mydvd" - page can no longer be found. "code 441888" If anyone knows how to fix this problem, I would REALLY appreciate it. I am converting cd's to dvd's so they can be played in portable cd players. Without being able to finalize each disc they are useless except on PC & I don't need them there. Thank you