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  1. I own Easy Media Creator Suite 9 --I just received a new Dell computer which has something called roxio Creator MyDVD Combo LE and roxio Creator MyDVDCombo Plus--yes, I realize those were made exclusively for Dell---My question is: Can I just install my Easy Media Creator Suite 9 over these two bundled apps or do should I uninstall the 2 apps first---and, if an uninstall is necessary,will the "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel completely remove those 2 apps. Thanks in advance ---RPS
  2. RobertPaul

    Dell Bundled question

    Hi:Thanks for your suggestions--I just posted a similar question in the Easy Media Creator 9 forum--I know its redundant but I'm hoping if an uninstall is necessary I only have to use the Add/Remove Program in the control panel and not have to start sifting through the registry--a task I really don't think I'm well versed in---thanks again for your help--RPS
  3. RobertPaul

    Dell Bundled question

    I have the same question which didn't seem to be answered. I just purchased(Jan 2007) a new Dell that came bundled with Roxio Creator MyDVD Combo LE and Roxio Creator MyDVD Combo Plus. I already own the application Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 Suite ----should I uninstall both bundled applications and then install my application?--or will those 2 Roxio programs serve the same functions?--Thank you
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    Dell Bundled question

    hmmmm---that's unfortunate 'cause I enjoy IE7 and WMP11--is EMC9 compatable with both?
  5. I have Media Creator 8 on one computer. I recently purchased a new Dell DeskTop that was configured with Roxio Creator Plus --It does not have Drag to Disk on it. Is it possible to download Drag to Disk so I have it on this computer's desktop and where can I download it from?--Thanks