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    Interface Error:5 The Connection Is Not Stable

    Thanks for trying. I had no other Firewire devices connected. Every piece of hardware and software have been upgraded. I combed the net in a search for answers, but could not find any. I contacted Lacie Support. They gave me some advises which I folllowed with no results, but they had no real solution for me suggesting sending the unit back to them (at my cost). I decided to take my burner plus my G4 to the Westworld Macintosh Tech Support. No results. The burner DID work on other machines, but not on mine. Other Firewire devices were working with my machine, but not my newly bought Lacie DVD burner. They tried a new, just from the box, Lacie burner, but it did not work on my G4 either. They also contacted Lacie Support. The Lacie Support team has not heard of such problem. Finally, They decided to install the internal LaCie d2 DVD-RW (My G4 had a slot for that) — it worked. They took back the external burner — and that was it for me. I am not going to find out what was wrong when even 2 teams of tech experts could find out. Thanks again for your advise.
  2. Hi guys. I am really frustrated. I was dreaming about the Toast capabilities. I've got it in a bundle with LaCie d2 DVD-RW Firewire for my MAC (Power Mac G4; 1.25 GHz; L2 Cache (per CPU): 256 KB L3 Cache (per CPU): 1 MB Memory: 768 MB Bus Speed: 167 MHz I wanted to burn an enhanced audio CD (with an mpg file). Not a chance. This is what kind of communication I get: Interface error: 5. The connection is not stable. OK The disk failed to be written. OK The drive reported an error: Sense key = Illegal request Sense code = 0x2C Command Sequence error. OK Then, I can not remove the CD from the Lacie drive. I have to turn it off, and only then I can eject the CD. Can someone help me?