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  1. Thank you. Yes, there's a very similar screen. I created a disc, and the program assigned numbers to the track names. However, what I wanted to do was to convert the files on the hard disc with the track numbers of the original disc. I'd like to do all my exporting to the hard drive and create folders to go on the mp3 CD and burn it as a data disc. When I try the Music Disc Creator's Export function, there are advanced features for Output Settings, with options for Filename/Folder Structure, with possibilities like <Artist>_<Album> but no code for Track Number. (I have a screen shot, but couldn't find the way to upload it here.) Does your later Media Creator program have Track Number as one of the options for file naming?
  2. Is there a way to include a CD track number in a filename when converting tracks to mp3? This seems to be needed to keep the original track order when playing in mp3 players. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for replying, Steve. I had searched for a thread on this before posting, and searched again now, but couldn't find a discussion. Maybe it's a hard search to construct to narrow down to a reasonable number of results. But from your answer, I guess that adding artist to a track title isn't an option in the Roxio 8 Label Creator. I'll probably go back to Nero for creating the labels, since it works even if I've burned the project in Roxio. The drawback is that the entire CD has to be imported into Nero to get the label information. But it's done properly in Nero: Artist - Title, then the track time right justified in a column, not run into the title as in Roxio. The reason I use Roxio at all is that the metadata import is easier for individual tracks where the entire CD wasn't imported, it's easier to edit, and generally more complete. Why they do such a good job of acquiring the data, and then not let you use it in an obvious way, is beyond me. Do you know if later versions of Roxio Label Creator handle this better?
  4. I can't see a way to have the artist for each track show in Label Creator for compilations. The artists display in the Music Disc Creator grid. I didn't give the compilation an artist entry, since there's no single one to assign. Is there a way to have them show before or after the track title? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. My question was going to be a general one: If I have EMC 8, is there any point in buying Easy DVD Copy v.2.0 Premier? I'm guessing the functions overlap, but was curious just the same.
  6. I can't find an Easy Media Creator 8 main page at Roxio's site since 9 was released. The Site Map has 8, but clicking it takes you to 9. Can I still view the 8 main page with all the usual data (system requirements, features, etc.)? Thanks.