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    Sonic CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack v2.3.1

    When I insert the movie DVD ("RV"), WMP initializes and lists titles and chapters. It begins to play and plays 3 previews with no problem. After ending the 3rd preview it displays a blank screen and WMP hangs. During this time the disk drive seems to be searching. When I manually eject the DVD a message appears indicating that WMP cannot play the DVD because of a problem occured with digital copyright protection...
  2. I recently purchased and downloaded DVD Decoder Pack v2.3.1. My DVD movie still would not play. When I run Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility it indicates that the decoder is not compatible with the synchronization feature of Windows Media Player 10. Did I waste my money on the decoder?? What do I need to play a movie DVD on my computer??
  3. wLarry

    ecdc 5 update download problem

    Thanks for the help, I uninstalled and reinstalled and then updated and it all worked. So everthing is OK for now.....
  4. I had a system crash and had to restore my system to it's original purchased state. I reinstalled Roxio ecdc 5 platinum. Now I would like to update the system especially the Directcd program. When I download from Roxio it downloads a file called default.htm to my system. Then when I execute this file it reloads a menu of Roxio options in a window. One of the options is to download the ecdc udates. When this option is selected the browser comes up with a page not found screen with a "cannot find server" msg in the system tray. Any ideas on how to get this download to work??