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    How Do I Import Dvr-ms Files?

    VideoWave _should_ be able to convert a file from .dvr-ms to .mpg. I have done it on my computer and it seems to work OK. Why it is not working on your computer I don't know. Hopefully someone will have a hint or suggestion of something to check or change that will fix your problem. Depending on how/when/where/from whom you bought your computer, you may have had some software bundled with it that will do the conversion for you. My PC came with DVGate, which does the job pretty well. I'm sure there are other programs out there that will do it too. It's a bit of a hassle to use one program to convert, then another to edit, but VideoWave will take about the same amount of time to convert to .mpg as another program will.
  2. jtwvid

    Text Disappears In Label Creator

    Just tried to add tracks to a track list with Label Creator (and with the 805 update) and the problem is still there. Using undo still works, however. I usually have to undo 2 times for the text to appear. If you are one of the lucky or talented ones that doesn't have to use undo a lot, it hides under the Edit menu. As I wrote before, you can also use <ctrl>-z to undo. One hint: When you get to the last track you have added, make sure you have gone to the point where there's a "Click here to enter new Chapter" at the bottom of your list before you hit the OK button. If you don't, your last track will not be in the list Maybe a bit counter-intuitive, but if you think about it sideways, it makes a weird kind of sense Why the text hides, I dunno. There may be a feature that does some neat thing elsewhere that just happens to cause this glitch for some people, at some times, on some machines. *sigh* Anyway, hope this helps.
  3. jtwvid

    Text Disappears In Label Creator

    I have had this problem myself. I haven't tried it since upgrading to the 8.5 build, so I'm not sure if it was fixed there. For some reason, clicking on "undo" or pressing <ctl>-z several times will make the missing text appear or re-appear. You will need to be careful not to undo too many times because you may undo the changes you made. This is not the most elegant solution, but sometimes using your shoe when you need a hammer is all you can do Hope this helps.
  4. There were one or two threads on the old discussion boards (unfortunately not available now) regarding the number of transitions people had available. As I recall, some people did not have as many transitions due to the video card they had in their computer. There is also a way to set EMC so that it renders from either hardware or software. One may work better for you than the other. There are lots of users who are way more experienced and expert than I am. I'm just posting this as an intermediate step, so to speak. Hopefully one of the gurus will be able to post a more informative reply soon. In the meantime, it would be helpful for the gurus if you were able to provide information about your system. The type of processor and its speed, amount of RAM, the type of video card you have, etc.. You can get an idea of the sorts of helpful info. from my signature and those of others. Hope this helps get you on your way to accessing more transitions.
  5. To have no music in a menu (in My DVD), click on the "DVD Menu" menu and then click on "Remove Menu Audio." There's also an option to "Set Menu Audio" that will allow you to pick a different music clip. Hope this helps.
  6. I think I have solved the problem I deleted the users from the registry (after exporting a backup, of course) that I had added when I fixed the problem with EMC 7. I then restarted the computer and added the users back to the appropriate location. I don't know if somehow the registry didn't give the proper permissions for EMC 8 because it was installed after the users were created, or if there was some other minor glitch. Anyhow, I wanted to pass on that I have (hopefully) solved this problem on my computer. Perhaps it will help someone else if they have the same problem.
  7. I’m continuing to have a problem with the quality of the video on DVDs I have created using EMC 8. I posted a description of the problem earlier. Since it has been wiped with the discussion board revamp, I'm posting again. I have done a few more tests and this is what I come up with: There is a degradation in video quality when video footage is edited, then burned to DVD with MyDVD 8. The footage looks fine when previewed in MyDVD. The problems are identical for a DVD burned directly through MyDVD and a DVD burned from the .iso file. Splitting the footage causes the video to get lighter and lose some quality for approximately 2 seconds before and after the split. This happens even if there is no footage cut out. This problem happens when the footage is edited in VideoWave. It also happens if I choose to edit the movie/footage from within MyDVD. (The interface is very similar, but I do not know if MyDVD is calling the VideoWave software, if it is calling up the same editing feature used by both programs, or if neither is the case.) It is possible that my video card/computer does not work well with MyDVD. I had to switch from interlaced to progressive in the project settings because interlaced caused jittery video. I have the latest driver for my video card from ATI. (Please see below for my system data.) DVD Builder, the DVD creation application that came with EMC 7, did not seem to have these problems. DVDs I burned using DVD Builder have excellent quality video with no picture degradation around edits. I assume that they use interlaced video (I can’t recall if there was any option to choose interlaced vs. progressive.) EMC 8 has some cool features. I’d just like to get results similar to what I got with EMC 7. My apologies for a re-posting, but I’m hoping I have more precisely described the problem here. Hopefully someone will have experienced a similar problem and have a hint for correcting it.
  8. This error has reared its ugly head for me again. I had the same problem with EMC 7, followed the instructions, and solved the problem. I double checked my registry and the additions I made to fix the problem are still in place. I try never to discount user error when I have a problem, so this may just be me. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, has anyone figured out how to fix it? Thanks in advance;
  9. jtwvid

    Time Settings--a Fix

    I noticed as I was looking at date/time related things on these groups that things seemed to be off a bit. I.e. the calendar thought it was Thursday and my watch said it was still Wednesday. I figured I was either in a time warp, or my time zone settings were incorrect. I figured out how to change them, so I thought I'd pass it on. There may be other ways, but I didn't see any obvious ones. (Doesn't mean they aren't there, just that I din't see 'em.) 1) Go to My Controls 2) Click on Board Settings under Options 3) There's a pull-down menu near the top of the screen you can use to change the time zone. 4) Click on the "Change my Account Options" button and you're done. Now I know what to do if I ever move to Abu Dhabi
  10. jtwvid

    Tv Quality In Mce2005

    Sorry to add to a non-Roxio thread here, but I have experienced the same thing. One thing I have found helpful is to shrink the size of the Media Center window. (Click the middle buton on the upper right of the screen, then drag the lower right corner of the window up and to the left.) When the window is smaller, the picture can be much sharper. Of course, you are trading clarity for size here. Hopefully you can find a balance between eystrain from fuzz and eystrain from trying to look at a teeny-tiny picture.
  11. I recall seeing in some posts that people do not recommend editing .mpg files. When I try to edit a file created by Windows Media Center (.dvr-ms), VideoWave tells me I have to convert the file in order to edit it. VideoWave then converts the file to a .mpg. Is there a way to edit these files without converting them? There may be a setting or preference I have overlooked. Thanks in advance; JTW PS: My signature went away with the discussion group "wipe" and I'm not posting this from my home PC, so I apologize for not posting system info. here. I'm using the "805" build.