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  1. I just can't do it. I admit defeat. I have removed Windows Media Player 11 and went back to 10. This was after I tried using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and found that it gave no warning messages and crashed. I will not go to all that trouble of uninstalling Sonic and Roxio and reinstalling just to find they still do not work. If I remove them they may never get reinstalled again. Tech support has been no help. I hope thy are working on a solution. As I told tech support I will not be forced into upgrading to Roxio EMC 9. I have upgraded my last time with this company. (That is why I went to Sonic but alas they are one and the same with Roxio now! Too bad.)


    If anyone is brave enough to try a reinstall and it works please keep us posted.


    Oh, now that WMP 11 is gone everything is back to working. Shame, I liked WMP 11. A big improvement over 10.


    Thanks all.

  2. I will try this although I was hoping it would not come to it. I did not receive any help from tech support. They said it was incompatable with WMP 11 and I needed to go back to 10. I let them know this is not acceptable. And I will not upgrade to Roxio''s latest product. (Done that too many times already!) They then hinted there could be a fix coming, maybe.


    Will keep you posted.