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    Toast 8 EyeTV Encoding speed

    -> this is correct "Or only my finished EyeTV recording which I am limited to mpg1..." You've discovered "the" main reason to purchase the EyeTV 250, to record in MPG2. :-( I am still using an EyeTV 200 (Firewire device) and love it! I think you've hit on the difference, your 410 records DTT which I'm guessing is similar to HD. To allow this content to be recorded onto a DVD format, it has to be converted to MPG2 format (compressed). If you really can't change any settings on your device when you record shows in EyeTV I don't think you have any options. You'll have to wait for Toast 9.x to allow you to make an HD DVD which probably won't help either... sorry, now I'm just rambling...
  2. Greg Meach

    Toast 8

    Sorry... looks like I may have jumped the gun... I just got an email from Roxio and we (previous owners) can get a $30 mail-in rebate. So we save $10.00 more. I guess it's better than the same $20 everyone else can get. I guess I'm used to seeing upwards of 50% off retail price for upgrading users. The thing is if everyone can get it for $79.00 then that's where our price break should start from, not the listed $99.00 retail price. So even 25% off the $79.00 would be around $59.00 and for pete's sake just let me buy it don't give me that mail-in rebate crap!
  3. Greg Meach

    Toast 7 + Eyetv = 100% Virtual Memory (!)

    Hmmm I am a heavy user of both Toast 7.1.2 and EyeTV 2.3.x (always kept patched) and I've never run into the problems described here. My main computer is my office Mini w/C2D 1.83 and 2.0GB and more than 50GB free space on multiple drives. I too write disc images before I burn my DVD's. Sorry... I'm of no help and I'm betting since Roxio just announced Toast 8.0 you're out of luck. The only difference I can comment on is I usually work exclusively on external drives, if that matters. :-( Sorry
  4. Greg Meach

    Toast 8

    The wonderful upgrade page is RIGHT HERE. Don't worry though, previous owners do not get any price break, or at least anything that a new user can't get ($20 mail-in rebate, give me a break). That, my friend suxs! I have been a loyal Toast purchaser since version 4.x. I'm going to have to think hard about whether or not this version is worth the price. So far I don't see anything. It will be several years before I need blu-ray so that's no big deal. Quite Dissatisfied...