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    Disc Copy doesn't recoqnize wide format AVI

    Thanks. This is very interesting. I have read a bit about the various source formats and what results. Many people believe there is just 16:9 but what I learned was that 16:9 is a compromise between the two mostly used film formats out there. No one is shooting in 16:9... Mark
  2. mark D

    Disc Copy doesn't recoqnize wide format AVI

    Well, this is where I seem to be having much trouble, the understanding of formats, sizes and quality. If I shoot a miniDV tape and then import it, its size is apprx 12 GB. If I download a HD TV program which is AVI and approx 45 min or so in length it is 350 - 400 MB. I have even downloaded HD movies which are approx 2 hours that are around 800 MB... Now, the quality of the MiniDV is no where near that of the HD format which is 1080. What I am trying to navigate through here is what is the best way to "maintain" the quality that exists in the miniDV while reducing the size into a reasonable format for playback. So, I have approx 4 hours of unedited content which when I edit it my guess is that I will remove 10-25 percent. This would leave me around 3 hours that I would like to burn to a DVD for playback in standard DVD players. I am not interested in dropping the quality of the video, just putting it into the most efficient format that I have seen many examples of high quality in smaller efficient file sizes. I have been told from a few semi knowledgeable people to edit in AVI, produce the complete project how you want it and then put it in DivX format, then put DivX to DVD. DivX I believe is Mpeg-4 which seemed to be one of the highest compressions without quality loss.... I believe this because when I select the format in EMC9 it shows the size expected and states "identical to original". I also have similar video from 8mm camcorder which I have imported nearly 6 months ago and when I went through that process I put it into Mpeg 2 and noticed a significant quality drop. I want to revisit that import and produce an identical quality that exists on the 8mm.... I may not be able to because it is analog to digital so I should expect some loss but I am just looking for the correct methods that will result in the best quality given the tools I am using. Thanks very much for taking the time to explain and I hope my overview of what I am interested in helps clarify what I am looking for.
  3. mark D

    Disc Copy doesn't recoqnize wide format AVI

    Thanks but the question was about Disc Copier where you can compile multiple videos onto one disk. I know I can open it with Video Wave. I was thinking ahead to when I want to put multiple video clips onto one disk. Disc Copier or the "Compilation" part of it can select multiple video files and then you can compile. I know you can also go into MyDVD and do the same thing, I was just wondering why it doesn't recognize the 16:9 format of my AVI files in this tool. Mark
  4. I am fairly new at this so I might have just missed an option. I have a MiniDV camcorder and recently took about 4 hours of vacation video. I do not have firewire in my desktop computer where EMC9 is located so I did the next best thing, used Windows Vista on my laptop to capture to AVI file and then transfer this over to my desktop computer. The camcorder has wide format. The file size from 1 hr of video is 11-13 GB. If I take the raw AVI file and use Disc Copy to encode it to a different format that takes up much less space, it doesn't recognize the wide format. I know that if I go into Video Wave, I can take the content and put it out to different formats, edit it in place etc. I had selected to do this to put the content in MPEG-4 format.... I didn't see that I could do that through VideoWave. Is there a reason it didn't recognize that the format was wide? Mark
  5. Yes, that is the case and became the TRUE ANSWER to my inquiry. SOLUTION: 1. Make sure you have a copy of the following SONIC.CAB copied onto your HD from the Windows XP Media Center Edition DVD - Located in the \CMPNENTS\MEDIACTR\I386 directory. 2. There are two ways you can do this step. 2a. Control Panel, Add Remove Programs, Add Remote Windows Components - Uncheck the Sonic DVD and CD burning option reboot computer 2b. run the re-install DVD that came with your system, it will autoplay and present options. Select the Install Option Windows Components - uncheck the Sonic DVD and CD burning option - reboot comuter 3. Do the reverse of the step 2. In my case it stopped access to the DVD player and showed it as a driver problem in Device Manager. If this happens you can only do 2a. It will want to find the source media for the driver and since it can't read the DVD, it will prompt. Browse to the location where you copied the SONIC.CAB to your HD... 4. Reboot. This should fix the problem.
  6. I reviewed the disks that came from Dell and they don't include any specific DVD software I have tried to install Dell Digital Media from their site but it fails. Ends with unexpected error. Yah that's helpful. Media Center continues to work but I get the same error if I try to create a disk from it. On the good side, I have been able to take a movie, create and ISO, then burn it to a DVD with EMC 9 on the TDK x16 disks. They work just fine. I have also been able to take a movie, and burn it directly to the TDK x16 disks from EMC9 which is what started me down the clean install path. Inside Media Center when you create a disk from a TV show, it states it is powered by Sonic Solutions... I know Roxio is a division of Sonic Solutions, but it isn't really Sonic? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks but I don't believe that. Further information from my earlier post. I followed the "Clean Install" post in the EMC 9 forum. Bad thing is that the process removes the Sonic stuff and low and behold it messed up MCE. Now I can't burn TV shows to disk anymore.. sigh. Good news is that the clean install has provided some success. I can now take DVD format movies on the HD and burn to ISO, then burn to disk. (Yes, those TDK 16x disks) so I am a little happier. I haven't tried burning directly to the disk from a DVD folder yet. Don't need another coaster right now and the extra steps do not seem any longer, in fact they might even be shorter... All I need to figure out how to do is correct the MCE not being able to record to DVD. Mark
  8. Like I have done many times before, I use MCE to create a DVD from a TV program onto a re-writable disk. I believe what has happened is that the clean installation steps resulted in the removal of the core component of MCE to burn DVDs. I have always been worried about uninstalling stuff when I didn't know exactly what performed the function in MCE. This proved that I should have listened to myself... sigh. To backup a bit, I have been unable to burn DVDs to +R disks, using EMC. (wow, just noticed that Media Center Edition and Easy Media Creator share the same letters in their acronyms, ya I am slow ) Operations in MCE continued to work properly writing to re-writable disks. I have a second PC here with the exact same burner and thought I would rule out the physical hardware. Everything remained the same when I swapped the drives. To me this should rule out the drive but I am a little skeptical, sorry Philips. I then decided to follow the EMC clean installation to hopefully correct the creation of coasters that was happening. I seemed to be able to burn to +RW or -RW rewritable disks with EMC, they would only fail occasionally and you only had to restart the process and it would normally succeed. It was just the +R disks. TDK 16x disks. I haven't switched the drives back because before I did the clean install, I was able to create a DVD from MCE. It seems like I am going around in circles on this one. What I would settle for right now is being able to write the TV shows to DVD rewritable. I could try re-installing the software from Sonic that shipped with the computer but it doesn't make any sense that MCE can not use the Roxio version which is an UPGRADE! Sheesh. Sometimes things don't make any sense. I have been putting off installing Vista because I wanted to ensure there wasn't a hardware problem first, and I haven't reviewed all the compatibility of the hardare in the machine. We use Vista at work and it works really well but this is a home setting. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  9. I read and followed John's directions for a clean install. The trouble I have encountered is that now I can't create a DVD from Media Center as well as EMC9. In the registry I get the following errors Exception occurred: excp'n type: Microsoft.MediaCenter.AddIn.ListMaker.ListMakerException excp'n msg: runtime error: %0 No stack trace available. AND Exception occurred: excp'n type: Microsoft.MediaCenter.AddIn.ListMaker.ListMakerException excp'n msg: runtime error: %0 StackTrace at Sonic.MCE.PlugIn.SonicListMakerApp.ThrowLMException(ExceptionType inExceptionType, Exception inInnerException, String inExceptionMessage, String inDevComment) at Sonic.MCE.PlugIn.SonicDiscWriter.Burn() at Sonic.MCE.PlugIn.SonicDiscWriter.ProcessList()
  10. I seem to have a real head scratcher. I have Windows XP Media Center 2005 and EMC 9 installed. For the most part everything works fairly well except a couple of things. The one that creates the most frustration is the inability to write to a DVD +R disk. I bought some TDK DVD +R 16x disks. When I use the DVD Copy to burn a DVD it gets about 9 % done and then it stops writing to the disk and seems to freeze. If you cancel it locks up the computer. You can sometimes stop enough processes but you end up having to hold the power button to shut off the computer. The odd thing is that if I take the same DVD movie and burn it to a DVD +RW or -RW disk (I have TDK and Memorex) that works just fine. It has occasionally completed with the DVD +R disks but I have more coasters than working disks. It seems to complete about 45 MB before failing. I can also use the Media Center to create a DVD of TV shows etc on the Re-writeable disks without any issues. I do have trouble logging off (switching users) - Roxio_Central33.exe needs to be ended, it can't close by itself. And sometimes I can't start EMC 9 at all. Need to reboot the computer and then things are fine. I was going to write the version number exactly but it won't start right now and I am downloading the 9.1 update. (pretty big, 640 MB) and a TV show is being recorded. There are no entries in the event logs. I have a Dell Dimension 5150 with 2GB of RAM, dual 250 GB HD in a RAID array. Although the system gets pretty full at times, I do keep it defragmented and I have had failures when there was 50% of the disk free and no fragmentation.... The system has an Angel Dual Tuner card and an ATI Radeon X600 Video card. The biggest mistake I can think I have made is that I have never removed the Dell Sonic RecordNow and RecordCopy software along with the Sonic Updater...... I didn't want to break what Media Center used to create disks... Any suggestion or comment appreciated. Forgot to mention that I have used Roxio Backup and put 3.8 GB onto one of the TDK disks that fail with Video. OOPS. It went as far as 100% then didn't finish and hung the machine to the point I needed to hard boot it... Just when I thought one thing worked fine. Mark
  11. I have My DVD Premier 8 and I have an Angel II Dual Tuner video capture card. The system came with My DVD LE and it wasn't removed during the upgrade. Most things work fairly well but I can't access the Angel II Video Capture card so I can take DVD content from an SVideo input. From within My DVD LE, I could access the video feed from the SVideo input. When I run the Media Import for Capture and select a device, it gives me the error "Operstion 'Build' on CaptureManager failed". I have since removed both My DVD LE and My DVD Premier 8 and only install Premier 8. I still have the same issue. This is a Media Center PC and I don't want to break the relationship between the recording of TV and the create DVD functions that are in Media Center PC. I know they use Sonic to burn the DVD. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. To give you an introduction to my issue. I purchased a Dell PC with Media Center and a Dual TV Tuner. MyDVD LE was included and fairly functional until you wanted to do something like edit a recording. So, I decided to upgrade and was presented with MyDVD 8 Premier as the " Best" choice. I paid and upgraded and the first thing I hit was that when a DVD-MS file was converted the audio was out of sync with the video. Not a good first impression. I posted a question through online support and they came back with you need to defrag your HD... Yup that was helpful... (good thing I got that answer after I found the hotfix on this area) Hotfix corrected that issue. So after that I could import a DVD-MS and remove commercials. What I found however was that there was a quality drop that occurred. The shortened version suffers from horizontal lines. I am not sure what to call it but when there is action past a certain general movement of a video you notice an "interlaced" effect. Not there in the original recording. One of the second reasons I was interested in this was that I have some 8mm home movies. And since the capture card on the computer doesn't specifically support an RCA connection, I tried using my DVD Recorder, a Sony DVD that does both + and - RW disks. (RDR-GX315) I set it to record HQ, and transfered the 8mm to Disk. Put it in the computer and it can't import it. I was looking into Easy Media Creator 9 and I think it can do what I need it to do. Since I had already forked out $70 for MyDVD Premier 8, I sent an e-mail to Sonic asking whether I could do an upgrade which seems to include everything I have plus some of the things I need. I also stated I wasn't impressed that information was so unclear about the various products and what they do and include. The upgrade to Easy Media Creator 9 I had considered earlier but it wasn't clear if it would be a correct upgrade. I opted for MyDVD Premier 8, but they were only about $10 apart. Knowing what I know now I would have purchased the more expensive product. Sadly I have not had a response yet to my inquiry. 1) It would be nice to be able to pull commercials out of a TV show I want to save to DVD but the quality degrade removes the benefit for me. 2) I would like to pull content from DVDs created by a DVD Recorder VOB format and edit the content. 3) It would be nice if sales answered and helped someone determine the correct product for their needs Any other comments about how I could accomplish my current needs and any guideance would be appreciated. I am also surprised there isn't a category for MyDVD Premier 8 like their is for Easy Media Creator 9. It doesn't seem to get the same support recognition. Mark
  13. I have just upgraded to MyDVD Premier so I could edit commercials out of my recorded TV. It converts the DVD-MS file to MPG but I have noticed a definite quality issue with this conversion. The best way to describe it is that there are horizontal comb lines. Fine but most noticable when movement occurs. It is almost like an interlace problem but it is more subtle. I am not one to suggest that the DVD-MS is a better quality format because I do believe it has a lot to do with the conversion process rather than the format. Has anyone noticed this? The converted file is nearly the same size so I can't see why it would lose quality. I am using Media Center 2005 and for the most part I am happy with this does. I was however looking for the ability to pull commercials out to compress more than one show on disk and play it in the front room on our bigger TV. It was mainly for busy kids who do not get a chance to watch series like Survivor. That way they can sit down and watch two episodes and I don't have to keep them on the computer until they find the time.
  14. Can anyone tell me whether Media Center PC uses components of MyDVD LE? The reason I ask is that when I upgraded to MyDVD Premier 8, it didn't remove MyDVD LE, and not knowing if there is specific integration into Media Center PC I am reluctant to. Just trying to figure out what touches what before I change things drastically.
  15. mark D

    Format questions

    I have +RW and -RW disks, a +-RW drive in my computer, a Sony +-RW DVD recorder. When I have used MyDVD LE to burn a disk it works in my Sony player but gets stuck in my Sony recorder. Biggest problem is that I literally have to use a screwdriver to roll the plastic wheel that runs the load/unload mechanism. After a few more times this will probably break and I will not be very happy. For now, I am reluctant to put any disk created on the computer into this recorder. I have also noticed that when I take a +or- RW disk and erase it I can't use it in the recorder either. Says there isn't a disk. Now I am guessing that there is a format issue here. Can anyone shed some light on this. The drive in the computer is a Philips DVDRW DL - DVD8801 The recorder is a Sony RDR-GX315 Forgot to mention that I did upgrade to MyDVD Premier 8