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    Cineplayer does not play dvds

    Hi It would be great if my copy of CinePlayer did this... ...as per the Roxio web site. For some reason have have never had Cineplayer work for me. I can hear the sound but there is no video, there NEVER has been any video. Cineplayer video has never worked for me on either of the two computers, the original pc and its new replacement a Core2 duo (2.66ghz, 4gb ram, 2tb hdd) pc on which it and EMC10 has been installed. Two weeks ago (after a HDD problem) I reinstalled all ofmy windows os and programs etc, including of course EMC10. Cineplayer STILL does not play the video of my dvd's, I can still hear the audio. This problem has persisted across two pcs and three video cards so I doubt if the problem is a hardware problem (I have ensured I have had the latest video drivers). Now this has not really been a problem as I have (a purchased version of) RealPlayer and MPC Media Player Classic, BUT I would like to get Cineplayer to work Kind regards Peter
  2. PeterSanders

    Changing production settings from NTSC to PAL

    Yes, the input is 16:9. I am creating an image file, though only a single layer image ie 4.7gb. I presume then that Creator 2009 handles the burning to whatever dvd is in the drive, eg -R, +R etc without me having to specify the type - the other types are not shown (so far anyway). I have a more expensive Panasonic DVD player (and HDD recorder) and a cheap AU$60 dvd player. Both dvd players used for the "testing" of the created dvd can play both formats PAL and NTSC. One player the cheap one does it automatically the Panasonic player requires the user to change the setting. More additional peculiarities occurred yesterday Another dvd that was being created yesterday while I was posting the question, was tested after it completed successfully. On the (expensive) Panasonic DVD player, THIS DVD initially displayed the same "Incompatible TV system" error BUT only showed it TWICE. After that no matter what I did the DVD played fine. The previous DVD would display the error every time except when first put in the player - it ALWAYS plays the first time the DVD is inserted. I burned another dvd today and in the Panasonic player this dvd shows the error every time I stop the dvd then try to play from the same place it was stopped (ie all I do is press stop and play) or try to display the menu and the error occurs. If I change the input of the dvd player to TV (ie the Panasonic player has a TV tuner) and then change back to the dvd it PLAYS but of course only until I stop the play, then the error occurs again. - weird huh? This very same dvd plays without error on the cheap player. I could almost live with the problem if the dvd's were for me as I could work with the oddities, however my sister in law who is not computer literate requires the dvd to work as expected, first time every time as she would not know if any error was her doing or that of the computer or software etc. I have given her the "one time" (Panasonic) faulty disc to check in her player at home. My overall concern is though, that the initial editing was done in NTSC frames/timing and would like to know what, if any, influence that may/will have on the final PAL encoded output. FWIW the original movies were recorded on a PAL format video camera. Some time today I will create another (small movie) using the PAL editing frame/timing and see if that makes a difference with the Panasonic player. My thoughts are now, that the Panasonic player is perhaps too unforgiving with the media format being played. Yes, I understand that, the info was only really included as an indication of the media used. Showing that the media was indeed a dvd but was recognised by two dvd players as a cd. Me neither, both players can play either format though the cheap player does its format selection automatically the more expensive Panasonic player has to be set manually! That is what I thought, hence my need to create a movie with PAL framing and timing in the editor and try the newly created movie in both players. Kind regards Peter
  3. Hi My Sister in law has created 7 video productions (with Creator 2009), a total of approximately 2 hours of video. In the production settings she set the video to 16:9 as required but forgot to set the editing format to PAL, so the editor in VideoWave was using the NTSC frame rate and time. ASFAIK this should not be a problem when creating the actual DVD output if I set the DVD output to be PAL format. Using MyDvd I have created (with Creator 2009) several DVD's using the first 4 of these (NTSC) productions and there have been various problems. 1. Though the combo cd/dvd burner (in the new Compaq laptop) supports all the "normal" formats, MyDvd only displays and offers the choice of -R DL or +R DL. 2. Two of the created dvd's have only been recognised by two DVD players as a CD rom (???) Examining the dvd in the pc shows available space as 0 and used space a little under 4gb as per the normal 4.7gb dvd. 3. The last dvd created did work on first insertion in the dvd player. After pressing the stop button and then pressing play again a warning was shown on the tv "Incompatible TV system". This is usually caused by the dvd being NTSC and the player set to PAL. If I set the dvd player to NTSC (for a true NTSC disc) it works fine with a TRUE NTSC disc. I then set the dvd player back to PAL for PAL dvd's. Normally this is no real problem just a change for the appropriate dvd format. With this last dvd I created, the dvd would NOT play as an NTSC format dvd. It did (and still does) initially play as PAL and after ejecting the disc and reinserting it does play again as a PAL dvd. Each time I stop the dvd I cannot begin to play again until the dvd is ejected and reinserted. My thoughts are that although the dvd format is PAL, if the video was edited as NTSC maybe this will this cause the odd dvd player behavior? Is it possible for all of the existing productions to change the "editing" production settings to PAL format? or do the productions have to be recreated in the PAL format? The options are grayed out when I examine the edit production settings so I presume a change is not possible? BTW I create the disk image on hard disk first, then use the burn image to disc option. kind regrds Peter
  4. PeterSanders

    Nero 9 Info

    Hi The pinned post contains the following... This is partly the reason why I posted the original message. Even though the widescreen flag is not properly set, Nero somehow "recognises" that the video IS widescreen. I don't know how Nero knows, but it would be great if EMC10 could do the same thing. A software patch for EMC10 would be good, though I think this is very unlikely BTW this ability is NOT going to convert me to using Nero kind regards Peter
  5. PeterSanders

    Text Effects

    Brendon As a "digital Guru" and this being a SUPPORT FORUM, I was hoping for some SUPPORT! My ORIGINAL question was... How much simpler can the question be stated? I even provided a link to a visual "demonstration" so that "digital gurus" could see the effects to which I was referring. If you have no idea how or if this can be done then don't bother replying, that's ok. If noone else can help then that's fine, I'll assume that the effects I was hoping to add to EMC10 cannot be done/added. This reply is not meant to offend or cause angst with anyone. Please refer to the original post and if you have advice or can corfirm new text effects can/cannot be added then that advice would be appreciated. sincerely Peter
  6. PeterSanders

    Text Effects

    Brendon You obviously did not read my message properly or did not understand the question I posed! I don't NEED access to Nero! I do not want to use Nero! I have seen Nero and much prefer EMC10! I did NOT ask ANYONE to do ANY work for me! I do not know if it is possible to add text effects to EMC10, though I doubt it is possible. Hence my original question... All I wanted to know was if it was possible to create/add new/more text effects in EMC10 and if so, how it is done. If someone can advise if the creation/addition of new text effects is possible, then I will be happy try it and report the results. I find this remark offensive and totally unwarranted! If I wanted to "advertise" Nero, I would come right out and say so! The original post came about due to MY need to review Nero as I was hoping to convert the school to Roxio's product - now Creator 2009. I needed to compare the schools Nero to the offerings of Roxio. Nero (IMHO) has very little to compare with EMC10 with the exception of a few nice text effects - therefore the original question. Please, if you do not have any useful advice then do not waste my time and that of other forum users with unwarranted and offensive replies. Kind regards Peter
  7. Hi I notice that my PAL encoded videos created by emc10/viceowave/MyDvd do NOT play in Roxios CinePlayer. The sound can be heard but no video. The video plays normally as expected on a standard DVD player. Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you Kind regards Peter
  8. PeterSanders

    Nero 9 Info

    Hi The school at which I work currently uses Nero for any DVD creation. I use EMC10 and I have been very impressed with EMC10's capabilities, WHEN you get to konw the program Anyway, I will NOT be changing to Nero anytime soon. Roxio's EMC10 is vastly superior in facilities, capabilities AND user interface. I am sure Nero can produce good DVDs, but the features do seem limited. My main point here though is to inform you of an interesting "discovery". Nero 9 accepts the video files I copied from a JVC mod file as the correct 16:9 format. Roxio EMC10 does NOT recognise these files as wide screen even if I specify a wide screen video format. EMC10 ALWAYS views these files as a 4:3 format - the video WAS recorded as wide screen. FWIW, if the files are copied using the free utility program that copies and renames the files to mpg, EMC10 THEN recognises the wide screen setting. Obviously a "flag" setting in the data file that Nero can understand or work with, whereas EMC10 does not - (not sure about Creator 2009 though) Kins regards Peter
  9. PeterSanders

    Text Effects

    Hi Nero has a few interesting text effects that do not seem to be available in a similar form within EMC10. The effects I like, and would like to use if they could be available (using Nero 9's names) are... Curl Text Scroller Floor Scroller. Horizontal Flipping Characters Spherical Text Spinning Characters Vertical Flipping Characters Zooming text (which zooms out to a very large size) I tried to capture the "real" effect but Camtasia did not capture the "overlay", the text effect. I captured the animated icons in the program, this may help visualise the text movement. Can these effects be created within EMC10? Thank you... nero text effects (animated icons within the program) Kind regards Peter
  10. Hi I completed a PAL video format DVD that includes video and images. This dvd has been played on a cheap dvd player and has functioned correctly. However I played it on a neighbours quality dvd player and the error message "Warning: Incompatible TV system setting" appeared after stopping the dvd and then attempting to play again from the stop point. I thought that it may have been a problem with the dvd, perhaps it was not burned properly - though the dvd did verify correctly after it was created. My second thought considered the fact that the original video camera recording was in 16:9 (JVC MOD format) and the MOD files transferred to the pc were renamed mpg. The video played, though ONLY in the 4:3 format and the menu functioned as expected on the cheap dvd player. I created a TEST dvd slideshow from 450 images. This also worked fine on the cheap dvd palyer, but the TEST dvd had the same error result on the quality dvd player. At this time, you can take it "as a given" that the dvds I create work % on the cheap dvd player. The error message appears almost consistantly, but not always, probably 90% of the time. If I put the test dvd in the quality player, the menu appears as normal and is animated as expected. I press the play button and the dvd plays/ (there is only one menu "button" to play the dvd) If I press the stop button then press the play button again sometimes the message appears sometimes the dvd plays. If the dvd does play then each time I use the stop and play buttons the dvd plays. If the dvd doesn't play after I stop it, then it will not play again until I either eject and close the dvd tray OR I select another video source (the player is a Panasonic HDD / dvd recorder). If I press the stop button TWICE (like a dvd pre-stop then stop) the dvd definately will NOT play again until the video source is changed or the tray is ejected and closed. If I eject and close the dvd tray the menu will appear/play again and the play button works correctly. While the dvd is playing, I can press the menu button and return to the menu. The dvd will play again from this point, ahh, I just tried that option again and the error message appeared. Geez, this is compeletly inconsistent! If I press the (dvd player's) next button the dvd returns to the dvd menu as there is only one "video". The dvd will play from the menu after returning to the menu using the next button. Pressing the stop button causes the dvd to stop playing and the dsiplay on the dvd player shows stop. The dvd itself does not return to the dvd menu. Pressing stop a second time returns the dvd to whatever was being displayed before (in my case the tv channel). There is some inconsistency within the sequence of operation of the dvd player and the dvd sometimes it plays sometimes it doesn't. Though the intial insert/play ALWAYS works. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any advice? or should I contact Roxio support? Could it be just something to do with the Panasonic hdd/dvd recorder? Thank you for any suggestions or assistance. Kind regards Peter
  11. PeterSanders

    Upgrade Pricing, Where Is It?

    Hi Yes, I have already seen that page That's why I will order online from the US site. AU$169 compared to US$79! Buying at the full US$99 is cheaper than the AUstralian price. This kind of pricing variation happens all the time. kind regards eter
  12. PeterSanders

    Upgrade Pricing, Where Is It?

    Ahh yes, I had a fixation on the mail in rebate and obviously ignored the upgrade bit Thanks for the info. So my only problem now is how do I order this download from Australia? I was able to purchase the EMC 10 u/g last year without the mail in rebate (as I am in Australia). I searched for the message (from Roxio) that described how I was to place the order, however I think it has been archived or deleted. I have posed this question to Roxio so they may again provide the details. If someone here knows how I place such a purchase then please let me know... Thank you... Kind regards Peter
  13. PeterSanders

    Upgrade Pricing, Where Is It?

    Hi Thank you, I will send the message to Roxio. My posting here was partly rhetorical and partly hoping that someone may know about u/g pricing. kind regards Peter
  14. Hi If I go to the Roxio online "shop" to buy a NEW copy of Creator 2009 is listed at $99.00 less $20.00 mail in rebate. = $79.00 If I go to the Roxio online "shop" to buy an UPGRADE to Creator 2009 is listed at $79.00 AFTER $20.00 mail in rebate. = $79.00 Each page shows a different "lead" price, however at this time the nett cost for NEW or UPGRADE is the same $79.00. BTW when you select the upgrade option and watch the top advertising banner VERY closely, you just may see an image that reads save up to 50%. You have to be very sharp eyed to see it. I *think* I would like to upgrade, but NOT at the same price as new purchasers. As loyal users we are normaly rewarded with some special pricing. kind regards Peter
  15. PeterSanders

    Jvc Mod File Video Format

    Hi Thanks for the info. SDcopy is copying 1725 video clips as I write this mesage. (my sister in law's new camera and her video clips). I thought I had seen that reference to SDcopy here somewhere. Interestingly a search from the Roxio main page returns no results!...on All Forums for JVC or MOD returns no results! ...and a search in the discussion groups - All Forums - also retruns ZERO results... Searching for everio or sdcopy returns a number of hits. kind regards Peter