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  1. fingerman

    Toast 8 Box Contents

    the MINI refers to the box size... not the contents or the features of Toast Titanium. Toast 8 Titanium in the mini box does contain a full printed manual - it's over 100 pages and is like the one that came with Toast 5 Titanium - except one was called a User Guide and this one is called a Getting Started Guide.
  2. fingerman

    CD Spin Doctor 4.0t playthrough distortion?

    Are you recording at standard 44.1 khz (what CD Spin Doctor would call CD quality) or at some different sampling rate?
  3. fingerman

    Feature request

    I understand now and agree with both of your points.
  4. fingerman

    CD Spin Doctor 4.0t playthrough distortion?

    How are you capturing? Are you using special external hardware or using the internal line-in?
  5. fingerman

    Feature request

    Several of the items you list are definitely not features of TiVoToGo as currently implenented and advertised... so I would not consider them not "working" today. >* Remote control over the TiVo including the ability to delete programming, add and change schedules and settings, view messages, etc. >* Similarly, the ability to straem live TV from TiVo >* Ability to transfer programming from the computer to the TiVo As for this one... have you tried it? I can start watching a show prior to it being full downloaded. >* Enhanced download speed providing ability to view program while it is being downloaded
  6. fingerman

    What is the point of Toast 8?

    >I have been a Mac user since October 2005 and have never NOT been able to burn what I needed with OSX Tiger. What specifically haven't you been able to do with the OS and perhaps we can let you know whether or not Toast can do that.
  7. very likely you have entered the wrong MAK... go to TiVo Transfers and verify this is the correct MAK number. i realize that is on the list of things you may have tried, but try it one more time.
  8. You can change the location of the TiVo transfered recordings folder in the TiVo Transfer application Preferenes. By default it stores to the same hard drive as the transfer application is running on, but it can be changed. This is a known bug that will be resolved in the next Toast 8 update.
  9. DirecTV units don't support transfers off of the boxes by default... they need to be modified in some way that I have no knowledge of. Perhaps you want to dig around www.tivocommunity.com.
  10. fingerman

    Media Browser

    Is your iPhoto library folder renamed something non-standard or stored in an unusual location... such as an external or network hard drive?
  11. fingerman

    Still no shows

    OK... well... let's keep working the problem and get it resolved... Let me just confirm what is working... 1) You do see your specific DVR id in the TiVo DVRs section of TiVo Transfers If YES, then that mean your Mac can actually see your TiVo on your network If NO, then there is a network issue Go here and follow the network steps - http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/v8/tivo_togo.html 2) When you click on your specific DVR in the TiVo DVRs section you see a list of shows that are on the DVR (this is the same list that you would see if you actually browsed through your TiVo with your TiVos remote control) If YES, then you've enterded the correct MAK, it's set for xfer, and any conflicting software has been removed or disabled IF NO, then there's something in the way... bad MAK, conflicting software, network port issue, some else... need more info about your system... Mac model, network config, etc. you can PM me or Pat 3) If you click on one of the shows and try to transfer it and it doesn't work... that is a different problem... So... can you clarify at what step it's now not working... Thanks.
  12. fingerman

    Problem updating to 7.1.2

    Send me a private message with your CD key please. Thank you.
  13. fingerman

    Tivo Series 3 and Tivotogo

    What TiVo has explained to us is that when TiVoToGo is available for Series 3 units, all they need to do is switch something on in the software that runs on the TiVo... they periodically release system updates to boxes and deliver them overnight to you... this update will "enable" TiVoToGo for any Series 3 that has already been purchased, as well as new Series 3.
  14. fingerman

    TiVo Transfer --> Toast 8 DVD

    OK. I understand what you are saying now. We have verified the behavior and logged it as a feature request for a Toast update. Thanks.
  15. fingerman

    Rebate confusion (Toast 7 download to Toast 8 boxed)

    Where did you purchase Toast 8 from? Roxio.com or from a retailer such as Amazon? Usually the rebate terms also include an option to include the email confirmation when a download version was purchased directly from roxio. If you purchased Toast 7 by download version, you should have a confirmation email with the product key in it.