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  1. I am using EMC9 myDVD. When I create a DVD with multiple videos some times 1 of the videos doesn't play. Instead the DVD just stops playing as if it is finished. The preview indicates that it should work properly and I burn the DVD by creating an iso image first. The problem exists with the burned DVD regardless on what I play it on (computer or DVD player)
  2. I'm going to take that last one back. Progressive is non stuttering but is significantly lower frame per sec rate. So - again I'm still stuck. I read in some other forums that MyDVD8 does Interlaced encoding with Upper Field First? I thought most DVD players using Lower Field Order First ?
  3. Tubford

    DVD Playback has skipping audio

    I switched from Interlaced to Progressive and that fixed my issue with judders during black screens..
  4. I think I might have resolved it. The one thing I did not try was changing the encoding from Interlaced to Progressive. I tried it this evening and the DVD turned out perfectly. I can't explain why - but it plays fine..... Thanks for all your help and contributions. A happy camper.
  5. Tried that this morning. Same issue again. Running out of ideas..
  6. Thanks LArry, ggrussell. I probably wasn't clear in my previous post... The DVD burned using my laptop with MyDVD 5.2, a NEC ND-5100A burner and NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 Video Adaptor works fine. The DVD burned using Media Creater 9 MyDVD, my old GeForce 2MX, and NEC ND--3550A had the problem with skips whenever the screen is mostly black. So... I put in a newer video card - a GeForce 6200 (256 Mb) - on my desktop but with that and the Media Creater 9 MyDVD and NEC ND--3550A it still has the same issue. So - my question if anyone knows the answer is - how does MyDVD 5.2 encode DVD images differently from Media Creator 9 MyDVD ? The DVD Media I am using in all tests (those that work and those that don't work on my standalone players) is TDK +R single sided. As always thanks for the help....
  7. Tubford

    DiscCopier9.exe crash

    Found VirtualDub Freeware that can do the conversion a file at a time. Works well. http://www.virtualdub.org/
  8. Tubford

    DVD Playback has skipping audio

    I think I have the same issue when fading to black between videos. The audio cut in and out and the image also stutters. I've added my details to http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=12307 in case it is the same issue. Assuming this is the same issue - when I am burning the disk there is a preview - MyDVD is re-encoding the MPEG2 file.
  9. Used EMC9 to create an image from the good DVD (created on the laptop) and burned that image with the Burner and it came out fine. So the burner isn't the issue. Perhaps it is time to get a new video card.
  10. Using Disk Copier. When trying to add 30 second .AVI videos from my Canon Digital Camera sometimes it works but often I get the message "DiscCopier9.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created" This doesn't seem to happen when adding other video formats. Is this because the video format is MJPEG avi? I see from the user guide that MJPEG avi isn't in the list of suported formats so am confused that it works sometimes. Are there any tools out there that can convert a selection of MJPEG avi files to a a supported format ? Thanks for any help....
  11. Unfortunately I'm a bit of a novice so don't understand much about the goings on. The discs play fine on PowerDVD on my desktop, just not on my Sony DVP-NC600 or my JVC XV-N410B DVD players. The thing that confuses me is that on my laptop I can burn the identical video file onto the identical media disk (TDK DVD+R) and I have no problem playing the DVD in my 2 DVD players. In fact the only reason I bought a new DVD Burner and EMC9 for my Dell Dimension 4100 desktop was to avoid having to copy all my video files to my laptop to burn DVDs each time ). On my laptop which works I have XP, MyDVD 5.2, a NEC ND-5100A burner and NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 Video Adaptor). Somehow it seems there is something different about the way the disc is being burned. I tried crested an .ISO image on my desktop and burned that but again got the same issue. I don't have software on my laptop to burn an .ISO image but if anyone can recommend any freeware I'd like to try burning the .ISO generated on my desktop using the burner on my laptop. If that works I can rule out the burner and focus on the video adaptor and software.
  12. I've got Media Creator 9, using MyDVD. I created a DVD of my old home videos. I just burned directly to disc from within MyDVD and the DVD plays fine on my computer. When I play it on either of my standalone DVD players everything looks great except for 1 thing : When ever there is a dark part of the video (e.g. credits, black screen with text) the disc judders. At all other time it is great. I have to fast forward through those sections but I was trying to work out what might cause this. Is this likely to be a encoding issue ? Thanks to anyone with any ideas. I'm running W2K SP4, GeForce2 MX with the very latest NVIDIA drivers and a NEC 3550A Burner.