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  1. Yes, I do have 2.0 The link inside the program doesn't take me anywhere. On the website, when I try the download button, it takes me to the login screen. So I log in. Then go to the updates page and use the download button. Which then takes me back to the login screen. There's no way to update from MacUpdate either. Suggestions?
  2. cyannah

    Uprading to Toast 7.12

    I had this same problem last week when Popcorn 2 was updated. John's (Roxio's online adviser) answer to my thread was to make sure I don't have the firewall on, or software like Net Barrier. Turning off every feature of Net Barrier broke the "loop" and I could download the update. Same with Toast today.
  3. cyannah

    Help! I can't update to Popcorn 2.0.1

    John, you're right! I turned off every feature of Net Barrier and the downloads worked. First, I gave up on Popcorn 2 for the time being. Now that Toast has been updated, I had the same problem. So I came to the forum to see if my thread had been answered. Lo and behold! Thank you very much. P.S. Someone has posted with the same problem on the Toast forum.