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  1. Yes - but my problem - I have problems with install update! I reinstall EMC without any problems, but update...
  2. Hi All! I have a problem to install update 8.05 for EMC8. First time I install EMC8 and then January 10 install update 8.05 - I have some problems with build 8 (Creator Classic and Label Creator programs have bugs!!!) After updating I look for version of my EMC and do not see 8.05 in Help About - only old build 800B85C ENU (read posts in this forum about this problem) Then I fully de-install EMC8 and after rebooting install EMC8 once again without any problems. But when I run update 8.05 install (emc80_805_update) now I have error from Microsoft Installer - "This patch package could not be opened. Verify that patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows installer patch package" Anybody - please help me if you have the same problems - what's wrong? May be anybody have answers about this problem. P.S. I am "old" user of this software and use Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4,5,6 then Easy Media Creator 7.5 - all this products I think was be the best (I don't "love" Nero software) But what's happen with version 8? Sorry but I am not "alpha beta gamma.... bla bla bla" tester of Sonic software!!! I pay and needing for working software! Version 8 IMHO only relise candidate! And now I want to see what's is latest version of Nero burning software - sorry.
  3. Any ideas about this? I have the same problem. I check files and its size after update - files new, dated 21.10.2005 (old files dated september 2005) but version in Help About - 800B85C Roxio support team - where are you? ) Please explane this....