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  1. ronlosangeles

    Lost Disc 2

    Drive crashed. Purchased new hard drive; reinstalling everything. My Creator Pro 2012 install disc says disc 1; I don't remember a 2nd disc? To say that I'm disorganized is an understatement. I can only find one disc. Does anyone know if I can download Creator 2012 Pro since I have key / serial? thanks ron
  2. ronlosangeles

    Missing Disc 2

    I decided to re-install Roxio pro 2012 to see if it would solve an ongoing problem.... but cannot find 2nd disc. Only found disc 1. Does anyone know if disc 2 is absolutely necessary for re-install? Or is it just add-on stuff? thanks in advance for solutions to either issue. ron
  3. ronlosangeles

    Video Capture; Computer Stalls

    Creator 2012. Windows 7. Video Wave Does the quality of my GRAPHICS / VIDEO CARD effect video capture? I'm wondering if that is my problem? When I am importing video from camera....... the camera works fine playing video...... but on my computer monitor the importing video freezes..... and then resumes after about 10 seconds. When I finish import and watch the IMPORTED VIDEO on my computer...... the freeze glitch is there. So I have to start over...... but I cannot transfer / import a 5 minute video without the freeze glitch happening 2 or 3 times. I have gone into Start Task Manager to "end process" of programs using memory while I'm in Video Wave........ but that doesn't help. So it doesn't seem to be a memory issue. My computer has 6g ram. Thanks in advance for any ideas / help. ron
  4. ronlosangeles

    Hd Video Won't Play Correctly

    By the way....... I can't afford to buy AVS right now....... so "successful" conversion I did with that software is not usable because of that code (forget what they call it) that they put in the middle of the screen on newly converted video
  5. ronlosangeles

    Hd Video Won't Play Correctly

    Opened Roxio Video Copy & Convert Selected MOVIES Added video file from hard drive as source On right side of screen selected CONVERT VIDEO as output Selected WMV HD 1080 Started conversion Result was that new format of video "skipped " "jumped" audio not in sync with video.... thanks
  6. ronlosangeles

    Hd Video Won't Play Correctly

    Thank you so much. I tried AVS.... and it worked! Also tried the converter in my Roxio converter.....but it didn't work. New format was still bad. Much appreciated ron
  7. ronlosangeles

    Hd Video Won't Play Correctly

    First of all...... when I go to the forum and see topics...... I don't see a "search" choice anywhere. I don't see how I can search for a topic to see if it's already been covered. Help? Using Video Wave 2012. PC. Windows 7. 6g ram. 2T hard drive. No issues with any softwares. Have done a ton of video editing for years. When I import a video clip (from a camera) into Video Wave for editing.... playback is jumpy... the audio jumps all over the place but not in sync with video on screen. This is an HD clip...... only about 5 minutes long. File size is 1.9 gig. 1920x1088 pixels. Format is ".mov" I've looked at Production settings... can't find anything relating to resolution.... wondering about that. Anyone out there have a clue why it won't play back properly so I can edit it? By the way....... it also won't play correctly in Windows Media Player....... but it plays BETTER in VLC player...... not CORRECTLY but BETTER. I don't get it. The video clips has been played succesfully on a friend's Mac computer with IDVD (I think that's what the software is called) thanks in advance ron
  8. ronlosangeles

    Blur Only Face On Screen

    How can I blur ONLY a person's face on the screen in a video clip because I don't have their permission to use them in video? Do NOT want to blur entire screen. Thanks in advance.
  9. ronlosangeles

    RoxMediaDB10 Module stopped working & closed

    The solution I was given last year is nowhere on these pages to be found. The old posts are truncated. Unfortunately I did not copy the solution to a Word doc for safekeeping. I do remember that someone told me to look for a file or folder called "REPAIR DIRECTX".... and last year I found that on my hard drive.......but now I can't find a file or folder with that name. Very bizarre. Thank you
  10. ronlosangeles

    RoxMediaDB10 Module stopped working & closed

    I am missing your point. Don't understand at all what you're saying about my comment LAST YEAR. The problem has happened again and I can't find the solution in these postings.
  11. ronlosangeles

    RoxMediaDB10 Module stopped working & closed

    I had this problem in May and now it's back for no apparent reason. Someone told me to go into folder "repair directx" but now I cannot find that folder. I have Vista, HP computer. Have been using Creator 10/ Video Wave for a long time........ In VideoWave...as soon as I click on "capture/import" I get this runtime error program c:\programfiles(86)\roxio\videoUI10\videowave10exe[/b] Can you help? Thanks much ron
  12. ronlosangeles

    RoxMediaDB10 Module stopped working & closed

    I'm back. Same problem. Back in October it started working again with no reason why. I am once again missing a project timeline because of this mystery. So frustrating. Do you know of video editing software that is more reliable? My display adapter Intel® G33/G31 Express Chipset Family And, if it matters, I have changed NOTHING in my computer system before this problem surfaced again. And I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the entire software 3 times today. THANKS for any help you might offer. ron
  13. ronlosangeles

    Audio Out Of Sequence

    The original source of the files is a canon camcorder; I should say that two days ago I created an mpg2 movie file ("output as") successfully with this same project. I then did some more editing...It is only yesterday that the audio started freaking out. I am using Video Wave. windows vista home premium thanks!
  14. ronlosangeles

    Audio Out Of Sequence

    Have successfully created many dvd's from video files on hard drive. ...when I OUTPUT a video file to create a "movie"...(selecting AVI for example)..... the audio track...which is separate from the video track in the project.......is EXTREMELY out of sequence. In other words.... an audio part that belongs near the end of the movie is for some unknown reason located near the beginning of the movie in the newly created movie (avi) file. Many audio sections are scattered throughout the new video/movie....not in correct order. help thanks in advance