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    Toast 8 Sense Key Errors

    I never had a problem burning eyetv files to Toast 7 under Tiger. Now upgraded to Leopard. I get error messages towards the end of theburn that says it failed to burn two files --- but the DVD-R plays in Mac and not under TV...so the image files of the movies are there. I have acquired Toast 8 and installed update to 8.0.3 but that's total rubbish as well. I've just spent money and took Roxio's word this would be Leopard friendly and found I've just upgraded to burn more coasters as one other person posted. I'm at a loss as files from the Finder and iTunes burn perfectly alright so the drive is OK. It's just the moving stuff that seems to be in trouble. Is this a Roxio problem, a Leopard problem, or an eye TV problem. The drive burns a video file to DVD-R that can be played on the Mac - so there are obviously one or two bits of the programming not working that makes it viable on a DVD player But which bits? I noticed when I loaded a DVD-R after install of Toast 8 that it said I had a Pal project and the DVD was NTSC - and did I want to continue as PAL project......presume answer is yes....which I did. Ayone able to throw light on this subject? Jude 24inch iMac Intel Core2 Duo Leopard 10.5.1. drive MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-85J: Media Sony DVD-R Toast 8.0.3 Eye TV 2.5.1
  2. glenidol

    Incorrect CD Key and TSID

    Dear John :-) Sorry have to smile at that The answer is not satisfactory, and I did use the automated thing, and search for answer..... and I did add a screenshot. I had already checked through available information on the Roxio site and found that the incorrect CD key is an admitted Roxio problem. However the solution about the TSID key is not available to me because that too is a digit short! Meantime I have contacted the Apple reseller where I purchased the product and they contacted their distributor and the answer seems to be that I should return the software to the city store and they will either refund me or give me another box. I'm set to wondering whether the store had more than one like this in their order. The reporting system on the Roxio site is unnecessarily complicated and hard to understand and tends to send you round in circles - just not satisfactory. The support area is starting to turn me off the product except I have used Toast from way back before Roxio. I think I am going to take the suggested solution of the local distributor. Thanks Jude
  3. glenidol

    Incorrect CD Key and TSID

    Bought Toast7 (Mac) yesterday - installed perfectly ok on new 24inch Intel iMac - but then discovered the CD key was incorrect. Searching the Roxio site - yes they did have some packages with wrong CD keys - but the advice was to use the TSID number which is also incorrect on this package - both are one digit short. The online assistant thing is ghastly but I used it and fired off my support request for which I have a receipt - but as yet no replies from support for this. It even suggested it could be a pirate copy --- but I dont think so. Looks genuine and purchased from Apple reseller shop. Do Roxio reply from that support cross exam facility? Advise from Australian agent was to return the software to the store and get another one maybe they're not too hopeful of a reply :-) Jude
  4. I see this subject has some age on it. But here's my five cents worth anyway. Users might like to look at MPGStreamclip - drop project on to that to convert files to whatever you need. Some movie cameras only put out MPG1 and they need converting to other formats before you can progress them on to other movie projects. Freebie download for both Mac and PC - drop items into the centre of the square and do save as --chose from lots of formats. http://www.squared5.com/ Nothing is simple - always some little hitch but I have in the past exported a project out of Motion Pictires ok. Jude