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    Animated Pictures Anyone?

    Would anyone happen to know if EMC 9 can do this? If not, what program do I need and how will it work with EMC 9? What I want to do is have a narrator speaking on video, providing directions or describing a picture. I would like to fade to the map/picture or whatever when the narrator talks about a specific feature. That's easy enough to do as an overlay. As the discussion continues, I would like to circle the specific part of the map/picture the narrator is discussing. (i.e. as we walk down the blue trail past the supply shed, we find a small pond off to the left of the property...) In the previous example, I would like to highlight the trail as if I was using a marking pen and then draw a circle around the pond. What program can do this sort of thing? How is it done
  2. kirkifer

    Gif Loses Transparency

    :blink: I have been playing around with this in almost every way I can think of.... Finally, something occurred to me. When I export from Web Canvas, I do not have the option to resize. So, I manually adjust the size of the image and then adjust the export area. The image loads in Roxio and is transparent and stays that way. So, would it make sense that the image size has something to do with the problems?
  3. kirkifer

    Gif Loses Transparency

    Folks, I am running into the same problem with the GIF losing transparency. I have one GIF that is "flat" that was created entirely in Photoshop 4.0. It works fine and the background does not mysteriously reappear, ever. I then take that graphic and put it in a Nemo brand program called web canvas and start adding "3 dimensional" shading and embossing effects. I save that file as a transparent GIF. When I reinsert it into Roxio EMC 9.0, it initially loads as a transparent background, but if I touch that overlay in any way, BOOM it has a non-transparent background. So, I save the embossed "3-D" graphic from Web Canvas and take it over to photoshop. When it loads in photoshop, it loads with a background even though I saved it as a transparent GIF. So, I delete the background and save as a transparent background again. This time with Photoshop and it saves just fine. When I open the transparent GIF in Roxio, the background is no longer transparent. So, I am inclined to think this is a transparency rendering problem with Web Canvas. The thing I do not understand is why Photoshop does not correct any rendering errors? Is the problem with the "3-D" appearance? So, the issue is either the way the transparent GIF is rendered in the program web canvas or it has something to do with "3 dimensional" graphics. Anyone have an idea?
  4. kirkifer

    Mono To Stereo

    Okay, Thanks. I did not even realize that was there. I click on the mono to stereo button, but nothing seems to happen. It is almost like the program sees a right track, but there is nothing on it. So, after playing with it, here is what I did... I went to the Mix Editor and cut the left track and pasted it on the right track. It seems to work for now. My mic person was doing who knows what and there is a lot of "rubbing" noise from him holding the mic. Anyone know of a good way to trim the mic noise as much as possible?
  5. kirkifer

    Mono To Stereo

    Hey Gang, I shot some video with an external mic and did not know I was recording in mono... It is done now, how can I improve it? I know the key is proper capture in the first place... I have isolated the audio from the video and saved it as its own file. In Sound Editor, I open the file and it looks like the Left has all of the sound. No, it will not be true stereo, but how can I copy the Left channel and paste it on the right channel? Thanks for the help.
  6. I am using a Canon ZR60 and IEEE hardware to import video in AVI format. The import tool I am using is the Roxio program bundled with EMC9. When trying to edit videoin VideoWave 9, an error message pops up and says, " current production is empty or contains invalid files " There are a couple of threads regarding this same issue, but no definite answers that I see. This camcorder has worked previously with EMC9, but I have been away awhile, my computer simply is not beefy enough to do a lot of video editing, so I have not been active with EMC9. Now that I am trying to do a little work for YouTube, I dusted it all off. I have installed some software for my kids in the meantime. That is the only thing that might have changed DivX or something... Does anyone have any ideas what might have happened?
  7. kirkifer

    pinnacle capture card success ?

    RIGHT ON !!!! That is why I was asking. Roxio does not support those cards. I had an old Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge that does the infamous 1 minute 03 second capture in AVI. I did not want another card that did the same thing. My Hauppauge card works great, but I really want to capture raw footage in AVI or DV or something less compressed than MPEG. I would like an ATI All-in-Wonder, a Roxio supported card, but try and find one. I do not think I want a used one.... (overclocking issues, etc.)
  8. kirkifer

    Verbatim Datalife DVD-R and compatability

    Yes, sleep is desparately needed... Working till 03:00 Saturday morning The good news is that the updated firmware for the burner has made changed those discs into something all of my DVD stand alones can read. The funny thing is that it still takes longer for the stand alones to recognize these discs versus the Sony discs. How do you do a disc quality check ????
  9. I am beginning to think that I have about 47 blank coasters that are stamped Verbatim Datalife DVD-R. These are a couple of years old and I think they are like 2x speed (the fastest speed MyDVD will allow a burn on these discs). They do not seem to work in most stand alone DVD players. I thought DVD-Rs were supposed to be the most resilient format, but these things are terribly incompatable. So, do I throw them out or is there something that can be done to save them? I have seen some internet discussions about various manufacturers and the quality of the discs they produce. Some have indicated that the manufacturer and firmware version of the burner has more to compatability than anything else. Does anyone know about these particular discs? Could something have happened to the spindle to mess them up? Is my Lite-On 411S burner the issue? Could MyDVD not like the Datalife DVDs? By the way, I switched to Sony DVD+Rs and they are incredibly compatable with everything I have....
  10. kirkifer

    Why does Roxio charge for tech support ?

    I understand that telephone tech support for EMC9 might actually not cost anything... I am not sure how long it takes to actually talk with a real person. Thankfully, I still do not need to do this. Apparently, this was a server issue and my MPEG-2 is now activated, again. I am still weary about this and expect that it will be a problem in the future. At least Roxio seems to address issues and provide support.
  11. Hello Gang, I am wanting to capture old analog VHS-C in the best resolution that is possible with an average consumer PC system. (That should be general enough ??? ) Ideally, some sort of AVI or DV format (least compressed) is what I want to start editing. While Roxio supports ATI, finding an All-in-wonder is proving to be a little difficult. So, I am now looking at the various internal cards made by Pinnacle. Roxio apparently does not openly support Pinnacle products. I found one posting indicating that the Pinnacle cards work with Roxio, but before laying my money down, I would like some additional confirmation. What I want are opinions of how well Pinnacle cards work with the Roxio software. Any opinions positive or negative are appreciated.
  12. kirkifer

    Help! I can't use MyDVD Express - won't activate?

    Allright !!!! Listen to the folks out here !!!!! I just tried to re-activate at 05:00 in the morning EDT. Well, this time it worked, so it must really have been an an issue with the Roxio server. So, I guess I am up and running for a while anyway. If anyone gets wind of new patches, etc. please post them on the discussion group. This forum is what has allowed me to maintain my stress level. The telephone line does not seem to work, but that could also be due to the server being down. (I think they are using EMC9 to control it ) Something I have learned is to totally uninstall previous versions of this software. Roxio gives very good directions for registry editing. Yet, that is still a little invasive IMHO.
  13. kirkifer

    Why does Roxio charge for tech support ?

    It stops me from using myDVD and Videowave, my two favorite utilities. I am hoping it is just the server. I have not had a problem before. I think Roxio will most likely help me resolve this issue, but it is very frustrating to even be here in the first place. My needs are really pretty simple. I want my software to work. Thanks to all of the folks out here willing to help. This is the best part of any of this.
  14. So, why does Roxio charge for technical support ? I have EMC9 and it is about a month and a half old. Prior to today, I have not had any major problems. Yet, EMC9 does not seem to be very stable. My experience indicates that the slightest change in hardware or software can really stress the EMC9 functionality... Today, I updated the firmware for my Lite On DVD burner. Now, I get an error message that indicates that I must activate my MPEG-2.... When I do that, the server responds that I have an invalid product key, WHAT ???? Luckily Roxio allows us to use this forum, so there is some help available. Unfortunately, I have tried everything I have found, including editing the registry This should be totally unnecessary. Well, I still get the "MPEG-2 Activation needed" error message. Now, I feel like I have done what I should. Why does Roxio make me pay to get their product to work? Is this why the product was only $69 versus Adobe's $600 or more ? It won't take too many calls to tech support to justify the more expensive program...
  15. kirkifer

    Help! I can't use MyDVD Express - won't activate?

    Okay, there must be something going on that happened today. While your issue is different than mine, there is obviously a problem. I totally uninstalled EMC9, edited the registry, installed the patch for CD key errors, re-installed the software, started the program and MyDVD gives me the mpeg activation error again... That is just wrong. What is going on ???? The only thing that I have done prior to this SNAFU was to update my firmware for my Lite-On DVD burner.