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  1. Recently I created a DVD, with several movies and picture slide shows. As I will be updating it in the future, I saved my work as a .disc file, them moved all the data to an external hard disk. After moving it I decided to test it. I double-clicked on the file, it launched for a second, then Toast crashed. I tried it many times but no luck. I then decided to move all the files back to my main hard disk. After copying everything across (everything was the same as before), I tried launching it. The same thing happened, no go! It appears that when moving a .disc image, something is corrupted. This is a pretty serious problem... All my hard work is lost! Could someone do a test and see if the problem can be duplicated on their computer? Thanks in advance.
  2. Peace Freak

    Stuck On Writing Lead-In

    My DVD burner has both USB and Firewire interfaces (The internal device is a Pioneer BD-RW BDR-206). I initially tried burning the disk using USB. I switched to Firewire and that worked. I would have thought that USB would be the more reliable choice.
  3. Peace Freak

    Stuck On Writing Lead-In

    Toast 15.1 is stuck on writing the Lead-In. The progress bar doesn't move. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
  4. Peace Freak

    100+ Blu-Ray & Dvd Menu Templates

    I have just purchase Toast 15 Pro. Where do I find the 100+ Blu-Ray & DVD Menu Templates?? I can only see about 20.
  5. Peace Freak

    Toast 12 Stuck On Writing Lead-In

    I sent a support request to Roxio and they replied that Toast 11 is not compatible with El Capitan so the I will have to buy the latest version. As it is coming up to a year since the last version was released, I think I'll wait for the next version.
  6. Peace Freak

    Toast 12 Stuck On Writing Lead-In

    I am currently unable to burn any DVDs using toast as the burning process gets stuck on the writing "Lead-in" window. The progress bar doesn't even start moving. (I've been able to burn audio CDs without any trouble!) As I had several urgent jobs to complete I had to resort to using Dragon Burn, which worked without a problem. Really disappointed that Toast let me down... I'm using the most recent version of Toast 12 for Mac and am running El Capitan. Could anyone offer any suggestions? Thank you!
  7. Peace Freak

    Blu-Ray Space Remaining Incorrected Calculated

    Yes, I was using the Copy window. I have been a Toast user since it first became popular (maybe version 4 or 5), so this was unbelievable. The fact that even using the "Best" setting ended up creating a file that was not a match for a single layer disk indicated something was really astray... I used MPEG-2. Am testing the Beta now. I sent a support request to Roxio/Corel but no response yet.
  8. I am having serious problems with Toast 11.0.6 and after not being successful I downgraded to 11.0.4. For the last five days I have been trying to burn a Blu-Ray disk with four separate movie files that total about 19GB of data. I started off using Customize settings in Options and chose a bit rate of 20mbps and Reencoding Never. Back in the main Toast window I checked the "Space Remaining" and it said something like 700 or 800 MB. I decided it would be best to make a Disk Image and after 12 hours of encoding the Disk Image was ready. (Early 2009 MacBook Pro 13inch, 2.26 GHz) I then started the process to burn a disk but to my surprise it STARTED ENCODING AGAIN! It took another 12 hours only to end up giving me a message saying "There is not enough free space on this disk: 23.76 GB are needed, 23.31 are available." What happened to the reliable Toast we all used to know??!! So I tried lowering the bit rate again, and 24 hours later almost exactly the same thing happened! I did this a total of three times and each time I got similar messages... I then decided that the custom bit rate settings were not the way to go and I used Automotic Encoding with Best. Space Remaining in the main Toast window showed 177.8 MB. This time, rather than waste 24 hours for two encoding sessions I thought I would burn a disk directly... 12 hours later I get a message saying: 30.92 GB are needed, 23.31 are available. There are MAJOR MAJOR problems with Toast 11. I am not sure what I should do at this point. The movie is long overdue for my customer!! Really makes we want to move to Windows!
  9. Peace Freak

    Taking Forever To Encode

    I am in a similar situation with a MacBook Pro (13 inch, mid 2009 with 4 gigs of RAM). I have a 9 gig blu-ray project; a 2 hour home video and two slide shows. In my case I thought I would do the smart thing and save it as a Disk Image before burning. In doing so it took a full 12.5 hours to go through the encoding process and complete! I then opened it believing that I would be able to burn it to disk without re-encoding, only to find that it started the encoding process again! I am watching it now and it looks like it is going to be another 12 hours! The reason I thought it would not reencode is I chose "Reencoding Never", following the instructions on this page: which walks you through the process of burning a Blu-ray disc with a custom menu. In my mind, repeat encoding defeats the purpose of making a disk image. Perhaps my work flow is incorrect or I missed a setting. Any advice would be apreciated so that future projects do not take so long...
  10. Peace Freak

    Copy 2 Main Features Only in Toast 8

    I am a current user of Toast 7. When I backup any of my purchased DVD’s I like to backup just the main feature(s) of the movie. In Toast 7, I can choose just the Main Feature from the Copy Options menu or All. This if fine for a DVD that has just one main feature, but for DVD’s that have two, I do not have a choice of selecting the two main features and avoiding the advertising (the All part)... I wonder if Toast 8 has this ability? Or can someone recommend a way to accomplish what I would like to do? Thanks in advance...
  11. Peace Freak

    Unlocking .VRO Files

    Thanks for taking the time to reply... Thanks for the suggestion. I have ejected the disk a number of times, and even restarted, but I always get that padlock! Hmmm... This disk is the only one I have... It was given to me by another Mac user, who was given the disk which has a recording of a TV program on it. My friend could not view it on her Mac, so I was asked to see if there was a way to view it, or even convert it to a more Mac friendly format... I hope someone can help out on this one!
  12. Peace Freak

    Unlocking .VRO Files

    I was recently given a DVD-RW that was made on a Pioneer home type DVD recorder/player. The format of the movie on the disk is .VRO... I have not been able to even copy it to the desktop using the Finder or any other video software. However, Toast does see the file. But I get the following message: This DVD cannot be copied here. It can, however, be added to the video pane from the Media Browser. So I go to the Media Browser and and can see it but the file, ‘Chapter 1’ is a padlock icon and I cannot drag it to the Video pane... Are there any Toast Masters out there that might have a way around this conundrum? How can I unlock this file on the DVD? Thanks! Damien
  13. Peace Freak

    One Computer, 2 DVD burners

    Thanks! Will give it a try!
  14. Peace Freak

    One Computer, 2 DVD burners

    I need to burn a big number of copies of the same DVD and I am wondering if it is possible to burn the DVD at the same time on two separate external DVD writers using Toast? Thanks in advance!