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    Certificate Issue

    I'm using Windows XP (fresh install). Roxio Easy VHS to DVD won't start due to the certificate problem I see so many people having. I tried the C2010 update but it says "Creator Studio not found". That makes sense, since I don't own Creator Studio. I bought Easy VHS to DVD as a standalone. Trying to find a solution to this problem has been maddening. I just want to capture these old home movies.
  2. bob dobbs

    MyDVD LE Error

    Before I blow up my computer, AND your software, I would like to know how to solve this problem. MyDVD LE lets me load mpeg-2 files, set up a background, and loads the data. Just before it's about to burn to the disk, the progress bar at the bottom rolls back, and says canceling. I then get this pop-up error: String not Initialized -19930 I've ran a search, and only found one page here where someone had the same error, but no-one had answered him and that page was from July 10th 2007 I'm sorry if you get the impression I'm angry, but I'm fustrated, because I will have to find some FREEWARE software that CAN do my job.
  3. bob dobbs

    toast image file to dvd

    hi i purchased the adobe cs3 maser collection this week. my daugther's cat somehow got a hold of one of my discs from the adobe cs3. none of the discs were damged except for the first disc so my friend told me he would be happy to make me a copy of his disc because mine was scratched up by my daughters cat. he put the disc onto my ipod from his laptop when i got home i got the disc out of my ipod but i noticed it was a .toast file so i researched and decided to purchase toast 8 titanium now i double clicked the adobecs3disc1.toast my friend gave me and it mounted onto my mac now i want to know ho i can burn the contents of that toast image file to a dvd to work as if were the original disc that was scratched up. i am trying to burn the contents of the image file but not sure how i am not trying to jst copy the actual image to a dvd as if i were backing up the file for safe keeping. i hope some one can understad my noob question thanks in advance and sorry for long post.
  4. In the past, I've been able to copy, burn and save images to the hard drive with this outstanding program that came pre-installed with my HP Pavilion a1524n. However, recently I attempted to copy a non-protected disc and the action failed. I got an error message the read with a yellow caution mark: There was an error writing the image to your hard drive. Please make sure you have 3.2 GB free on any one of your hard drives then copy again. That just isn't right! My C: Drive is File System NTFS and has 107 GB of free space (177 GB used). After that I decided, let's close down Sonic and give this another shot. When closing I got three errors: Mediahub.exe The instruction at "0x0036b250" referenced memory at "0x0025f5d0". The memory could not be "written". Mediahub.exe The instruction at "0x129df9b2" referenced memory at "0xffffffff". The memory could not be "read". Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: ....ommon Files\Sonic Shared\Sonic Central\Main\Mediahub.exe R6025 -pure function call I'm not quite sure what the issue is. The DVD played just fine on my PC but one thing that could be a problem is that the DVD has a label on it. I'm not sure what brand. Is that what could be affecting it? Any help would be appreciated. This is the DVD for a wedding and it need to copied...eventually.
  5. bob dobbs

    Time Stamp

    Can anyone help me? It really frustrates me that I need to use Virtual PC 7 and Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 to create time stamps for my files. Where is this important feature for us Mac users?
  6. bob dobbs

    Time Stamp

    Is it possible to add a time stamp, so that my files are burned with a set Date and Time?