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    Rendering to video file

    Sure, I have a Dell 4600C. 1 gig hd, 1 gig ram, everything else normal for the 4600C. The files were downloaded from the internet and they are a mixture of .mpeg and Windows Media Audio/Video files. I have created movies before on my computer with no problem, however this is my first attempt with downloaded clips from the internet. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks, Moses
  2. I have a collection of humurous clips that I have collected and now have edited them together using VW Movie Creator. I was trying to render this movie to a video file to be played back on my computer, however the software keeps crashing once I *click* render video. Any ideas on what is wrong. I have taken the 20 minute video down to 5 groups at 4 minutes a piece, thinking that the size may be the issue, but alas, crash... crash... crash... Thanks in advance Moses