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    audio clips

    I have an audio clip that I am trying to cut in half then paste the second half in front of the first half. When I do so I get a slight pause and clilcking sound just before the point where I cut the audio clip in half. How do I fix this, or am I doing something wrong? To cut the clip in half and am using CUT, then PASTE
  2. I am using EMC 9 Roxio Creator 9 Home Version: 9.0.088 Build: 900B88I, R03 Serial Number: Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Thanks for the help Dave
  3. When I try to use my dvd I get a message asking to the following codecs must be activated before musing the application. When I click OK I get another message saying activation failed no permission. How do I activate the mpeg-2 codec?
  4. Dave162

    Roxio Creator 9 Won't Run

    Thanks for the reply Paul. I did run a reg cleaner but that was a long time ago. I tried to run the install program. It won't run. I get a message telling me there is not enough room on drive C to expand the package. I have 37gig of free space on C. I tired running the repair. That won't run because of the missing msi file. I would appreciate any further help you can provide. Dave
  5. When I try to run creator 9 I get a message to run installation packaage Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Suite.msi. I can't find this file anywhere. This program was working fine. Can't figure out what happened. Anyone got a remedy for this probem? Dave
  6. Dave162

    file tagging

    I have shut off the option for file tagging in Media Manager, however, files that have already been tagged remain tagged. I have transferred some file to another computer that does not have MC9 installed and the files are still tagged in that computer. HOW DO I REMOVE THE TAGS ASSOCIATED WITH FILES??? Dave162