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  1. risk_reversal

    Creator 2012 Pro - ISO image

    Perfect thanks. Found both methods as per your description. Many thanks Cheers
  2. risk_reversal

    Creator 2012 Pro - ISO image

    A, hopefully, quick question please. I am trying to find out whether Creator 12 Pro has the ability to create an .iso image from a file in the same manner as Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 can. The screenshots below are from Easy CD & DVD Creator 6. If I open Creator Classic and place a file in the DATA project box, I can then select file > Create Disc Image and in the next screenshot save the file as an .ISO image. I have looked around Creator 12 Pro but cannot see anything that allows this to be done. Any info much appreciated. Cheers
  3. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 Platinum

    Hi, Was trying to install Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Platinum on a new install and I think that my installation disc may have picked up a small scratch which I think is causing a problem. I thought I had a back up ISO of this program but I can't seem to be able to find it. Does anyone happen to have this version of Creator who could burn an ISO for me please. I don't need a CD Key as I have one. I think I have some webspace that it could be uploaded to. Any help much appreciated Cheers
  4. risk_reversal

    Roxio Creator 2012 Pro - Some Install Questions

    Many thanks for your reply Brendon, Was afraid that you'd say that. Guess I will leave it as is then. I did a test install of Creator 12 and noted those items on the install pages. I must have missed this item when I opened the extensive About this software box. Most kind as always thanks. Cheers
  5. Hi, I have Roxio Creator 12 Pro and wanted to ask the following simple questions. Am installing this on Win7. 1. Is there a custom install option on this program, like Creator 6, so that it doesn't install the proverbial 'kitchen sink'? 2. The version I have is build 135890A. Is this the latest version or are there any software updates / service packs. I couldn't find any on the Roxio / Corel site. 3. Is there any need to upgrade the PX Engine, my 2 Sata optical drives are detected. https://support.corel.com/hc/en-us/articles/216505527-PX-Engine-Description-and-Download I note that the PX Engine, link above, v4.18.16a is dated 8.18.09 Many thanks
  6. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 - Die Hard User Needs Help

    Many thanks Brendon, that's good to know. Cheers
  7. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 - Die Hard User Needs Help

    You're a Star. I am going to give Creator 12 a twirl in my Win 7 test partition and see what it gives. Many thanks again for your kind help. Cheers
  8. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 - Die Hard User Needs Help

    Many thanks Brandon. Clearly, I also need to upgrade my glasses too. You have been most kind with your time and I would like to ask you a final question. The manufacturer's website also shows burning speeds for DVD -R and DVD +R as per below. I wanted to see what Creator 6 would report as burn speeds available if I inserted a DVD -R and DVD +R disc. Prior to inserting a disc this is the 'default' that came up for both. When I inserted a DVD -R disc these burn speeds were offered and when I inserted a DVD +R disc these burn speeds were offered Although the 3 burn speeds reported by Creator 6 are reported on the LG site, the data on the manufacturer's website also shows 2 extra speeds for DVD +R 2.4x & 4x and 2 extra burn speeds for DVD -R 2x & 4 (see first pic) but Creator 6 is not showing me those options. I guess from your previous explanation that what is happening is as follows: Although the DVD drive is capable of burning at the 2 lowest burn speeds detailed on the LG website, the drive itself is reading and collecting the information from the disc which in this case is reporting only the 3 higher burn speeds. Is that correct? Many thanks
  9. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 - Die Hard User Needs Help

    Sorry late reply Brendon, was knee deep in, amongst other things, finding solutions to allowing XP 32-bit to access and use the 'unmanaged ram' over the 3Gb limit since my new build has 8GB of ram. As a test I bought another make of CD-Rs (Philips, that's all they had) and the same 4 modified burn rates where offered. Was wondering where you saw that information? As the manufacturer's web page shows different values. Well, as I said previously, this is the first system that I have built in 10-12 years and at that time it was generally accepted that slower burns where better. Guess from what you are saying that things have moved on as per your comment. Great idea ! I did do a couple of burns with Creator 6 (Disc Copier) today and it worked. Need to do some more testing tho'. As always, many thanks for your enlightened and authoritative comments. Cheers
  10. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 - Die Hard User Needs Help

    I have some screenshots. Hopefully, these will help. > From IMGBurn DVD ROM > From IMGBurn DVD RW > From Creator 6 Disk Copier with tray open > From Creator 6 Disk Copier with tray Closed - Using 'Old' media [Only one option now available] > From Creator 6 Disk Copier with tray Closed - Using 'New(er)' media [I can select any of the 4 options in the drop down box] Any further help much appreciated Cheers
  11. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 - Die Hard User Needs Help

    Many thanks for your replies @Jim_Hardin, I did have a look at something that I could upgrade to and Creator 12 was on my list. I read the reviews on Amazon though and a lot of people had issues with it. I will give it a try as I am in testing mode on this legacy partition on my new build. The thing that I did use Creator 6 for was building bootable CDs and also for copying tracks to CD and merging the track. Does Creator 12 have these features? Also can i install Creator 12 together with Creator 6 on the same system or not? @ Brendon, many thanks for your explanation which expands on information which you provided in the post below (that I read a few hours ago). It got me thinking about the media type that I was using since you mentioned that media type used could / would play a part. As a consequence, I tried a different set of CD-R media (newer ones, same manufacturer TDK) and the drop down box now gives me 4 'burn' choices that I can select from even after I close the CD tray. I will post images later as I am building this pc at my mum's (she has more space in her house). The lowest burn tho' is still 16X. Both sets of media that I used before were TDK. The 16X media is quite old. In my current system I can select lower values with either of those media but I presume the actual drive may be responsible for this. Still, that aside I downloaded IMGBurn (that I could never get the hang of before) and as per post linked to above, looked at the values reported under supported write speed . With one set of CD-R media it only showed 16X as available (same as Creator 6) and with the other 4 options, namely 16X, 32X,40X and 48X, again same as Creator 6. I have done a couple of 'burns' with Creator 6 and it and seems ok. I do have a further question, if you have time. My SATA DVD-RW drive LG HG24NDS0, has various write speeds as per link below http://www.lg.com/us/burners-drives/lg-GH24NSC0-internal-dvd-drive Presumably from what you are saying, if I got some completely different media, say Verbatim (that I use for DVD copying), then possibly both Creator 6 and IMGBurn may offer more and possibly lower burn choices / strategies? Is there any CD-R media that could you could recommend please? NOTE: When I tried to put a Verbatim DVD +R Creator 'Disc Copier' said Source and Destination are Incompatible. I did not try Verbatim DVD -R media as I forgot it at home. Lastly, again to do with the available burn choices (referred to as 'burn strategies'), is there any particular SATA DVD-RW unit that you could suggest that could 'unlock' lower burn strategies. I bought this one in haste new from that well known emporium, ebay. I was after a Pioneer but they were 3 times the price and I would have bought one had I know that it would be detected correctly. Many thanks for all your help and I will post photos when I get home and can edit them on my pc. Cheers again.
  12. Hi, Been a while since I posted in this forum but need some help again if possible. I am in the process of building a new pc as the last one I built was 10 years ago. I want to multi-boot and will have a legacy partition with XP SP3 32 bit for older programs (has WMP 9 and IE6). The new mobo does not have any IDE ports only SATA. I installed Creator 6 and updated the engine (and other progs) to v6.2.0.134 as per my current install (also XP). My new build has 2 optical drives a DVD-ROM and a DVD-RW as per pics below. Everything seemingly has gone fine as regards the install. Creator 6 detected the 2 optical drives correctly. I subsequently proceeded to test the various parts of the program that I use. One being the 'Disc Copier'. I tried to copy a CD but was unable to change the 'burn' speed from the drop down menu as this was the only option available (see screenshot below). This happened when I put a blank CD in the DVD-RW drive. If I did not put a disc into the DVD-RW drive then the drop down menu allowed certain (3) burn speed options but once I put a blank disc in the drive then the 3 options disappeared and I was only left with one. See screenshot. Anyone (Brendon..) have any ideas as to how to resolve this. I did have a rumage in the registry but could not see anything obvious. Many thanks for any help provided Cheers
  13. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 - .vob

    Most kind cdanteek. Many thanks also to you Brendon and myguggi. Good Luck
  14. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 - .vob

    Thank you for your feedback myguggi as regards ImgBurn and other progs. I appreciate that all installs will alter the registry in some way (god know I hack all my registries big time). My initial gut feeling was specifically as regards the Upper & Lower Filter keys. As regards transfering VHS-C to DVD, I went for the easier approach and got a consumer copying device (Toshiba DVR-20KB). I am copying on DVD-R in Video Mode. The resulting DVD's contain a Video_TS folder (only) containing .VOD files, as well as .BUP and .IFO files. Once I have copied the 80-90 tapes onto DVD, I will be editing and probably using VideoRedo which apparently does not re-encode .VOD after editing and which will also author the DVD. As a final step, I need to reburn to DVD. All I have to say is that the various video formats are driving me crazy.................... Cheers
  15. risk_reversal

    Creator 6 - .vob

    Well when I first got EZCD5, the rule was don't have Nero installed with it. I have never used ImgBurn (as yet ) but I am guessing that when installing ImgBurn, it will add entries to the registry (XP) and more specifically to the Upper / Lower Filter keys. Although, I like using Creator 6 (suits my needs), I am aware of issues that will cause it to break (WMP, IE) hence me asking the question prior to installing ImgBurn. If you reckon Creator 6 and ImgBurn will get on ok, I will give it a bash. I need to copy some old VHS-C tapes to DVD, edit them and reburn in .VOB hence me asking the original question. Good Luck