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    Audio has skips and pops

    The VideoWave plays fine, but when the .iso file is burned to DVD there are occasional skips and pops in the audio, and there is a corresponding slight glitch in the video. I slowed down the burn speed to 2.5x, but it still skips in the exact same places. The audio are .wma files that came from CDs. Any ideas?
  2. tonytexas

    Video Card Driver Out of Date

    Tammy, I'm having the same problem with the same video card. Did you ever get it corrected? tonytexas
  3. I have burned the .iso file, and now want to burn a DVD from the file. I see the comments to use Disc Copier or Creator Classic, but can't find a program in the Roxio Suite that I have that will recognize the .iso file so I can burn it. I"m sure it's easy, I"m just missing it.
  4. tonytexas

    Disc Copier or Creator Classic for MyDVD8

    I basically don't find either the Disk Copier or Creator Classic program. I must be missing something obvious, or is that a download that doesn't come with MyDVD Premier?