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    Chapters In Ios Vids?

    1. Was wondering if chapters are maintained when converting from DVD format (iso etc). to iPod video format (m4v). 2. Also is it possible to create chapters within an m4v vid using Toast titanium tools Thanks
  2. xandra

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    I don't have Toast 10 But I had the same problem with Toast 7, And I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same issue: MISSING FONTS. (or rather NO WORKING FONT SUBSTITUTION) Toast counts on you having all the system fonts enabled, further, font managers don't seem to get a call for the missing font (possibly cuz it's embedded in the Photoshop template), further - Toast simply won't substitute any other font, put out any error message, NADA... I found this out by opening one of Toasts themes in Photoshop. In my case, it wanted Gill Sans.dfont So... If you're running Tiger or even Leopard on G5 it's possible you don't have the exact fonts used in the Menu/ You could quickly test to see if this is the problem by opening the template in Pshop (if you have it). I'd be interested in knowing if this is the problem BEFORE I purchase v10
  3. xandra

    Music DVD: text & navigation issues

    Just to followup in case someone else encounters this problem: ISSUE RESOLVED... (you'd never guess) Using tsantee's suggestion of creating disk images as a test, I finally opted to check my console log... scanning it revealed that a Font required by the theme (in this case Gill Sans, and its Bold face) was not activating. ADVICE to others when using any Toast theme which utilizes text. You have 2 options: 1. activate ALLL your Mac OSX fonts before burning. (simplest if you keep all the dfonts around) 2. BETTER If you have Photoshop (and don't use .dfonts): You can open a psd version actual theme in Pshop. (you'll find them inside the Toast.app contents. Naturally DONT open the original, but drag a copy elsewhere on you disk. Browsing the the various layers will reveal the fonts used by the theme. Note to Roxio: The App really should have generated a missing font error message. Alternately, documentation should indicate which fonts are needed by which themes. Not so good: I still feel navigation is pretty funky... (there should be a one-click button to return to main menu, It's also quite unintuitive that after scrolling the first 10 items, the cursor moves to "shuffle" buttton --------------- Some fine points (Likely related: I use FAP (which has been somewhat funky since 10.4.10 update) further I'd removed the .dfont version (as I have both a PS, and OT version of the font as well), oddly activating Gill Sans Postcript, did do the trick, and since having done this once, it now seems to auto activate.
  4. xandra

    Music DVD: text & navigation issues

    tsantee - Thanks for the response... at least I know something's wrong. Have you actually done this? That's what I expected to happen. I should mention that I'm using Toast 7 (as I thought this board would be more active - and I doubt this feature has changed at all) The results playing on my computer identical to those on my player: an icon appears (album art) when a song is playing - but no metadata. To describe in detail: clicking on 1 of the Title buttons goes to a submenu - a yellow left pointing arrow appears, selecting it plays the a song (and displays the artwork)- but sans text, you've no idea what song you're selecting. I can than navigate down the 'chapters' - but to get to the main menu, I have to use DVD functions to get to song 1 of Title 1 to get back to the main menu. I'll try some experiments as you suggested, but failing that... I'm wondering if there's someway to bring the music files (or the Roxio converted versions) into iDVD. one advantage being Avoidance of the truly hideous toast themes... Thanks, xandra
  5. xandra

    Music DVD: text & navigation issues

    I just burnt a music DVD per Toasts intructions... It played fine on DVD Player -- but 1) NO text appeared (text worked fine on my player for MP3 disks, and CD Audio Text disk) Little selection arrows appeared on the left (as if to point to the text (song name) but alas no text. 2) Navigation was extremely awkward-- particularly getting to top menu (top menu/menu/playlist buttons on my remote didn't acheive this function) SHOULD IT MATTER: I had created disc with 7 Top level buttons (representing albums in most cases) with a max of 19 selections for each. QUESTIONS?? 1. SHOULD text be displaying (both toast app and the DVD's interface Implies it should) and if so, is the problem likely to do with naming conventions, Toast settings, or just a no go on my DVD Player. 2. Has anyone else experience navigation issues with this 'format' (I've never seen "Music DVD" listed as an official format - my DVD player lists it as a DVD-Video) Thanks in advance- xandra
  6. xandra

    Toast 8 and Video Recorded on DVD-RAM Discs ?

    doesn't sound improved... if you do a search under Toast 7 for Panasonic... you'll find that the locked problem is hardly new. I haven't tried Toast 8 yet (was searching this forum with hopes that things had indeed improved with DVR created RAM disks) but all attempts at working with my DVR created disks in Toast 7 (other than complete disk copies of DVD-V disks) have resulted in crashes, failures (some that took hours and hours to fail) and other nasty experiences... For now, I've only found 1 solution (or rather a combo of 2 other bits of software): Purchase DVDRead from "Software Architects" ( unfortunately overpriced $50?!!) to properly mount DVD-RAM disks with ALL files visible. AND unlocked.-- (previously, I could only see/copy the obviously useless .ifo & .bup files.) further can't say anything great about the product, its a very hidden driver and am a little concerned that it's a tad funky. Get "MPEG Streamclip": -- this a truly fabulous freebie, that inputs/outputs just about everything. The only downside to Streamclip, is that you need to manually set in & out points rather than choosing Titles, (and it is unable to pick up or transfer chapters.) ----- Sadly, although Toast 7 could see the Titles etc... on my mounted DVD RAM disk (but strangely unmounted it), it crashed after over an hours attempting to export a 14 minute title -- looked promising for a bit there) Haven't the patience to try again was really hoping to hear good news re Toast 8. So for now, I'll stick with DVDRead + Streamclip. I'm also going to try a couple of other Apps which look promising (but bigger bucks) in Particular: 'Cinematize Pro' which sounds like Streamclip with a prettier interface but ability to select Titles.(You'll Still need DVD-Read, if like me you can't get Toast to deal with the files) Should it matter: using LaCie d2 Lightscribe DVD with disks created by Panasonic DMR-EH75. OS104.8, QT 7.15, Quad G5 HTH xandra ONE NOTE: Supposedly Leopard will be able to read DVD-VR disks -- which will hopefully resolve this headache, and will likely aid Toast in dealing with VR files.
  7. xandra

    Video to iPod? - How long

    How long should a 9min VOB file take to process? I've now waited over an hour, and the progress bar's been sitting at about the same place (apx 90% done) for ages -- should I assume this just isn't going to work? Streamclip did conversion of 6 min file in about 3 minutes... what gives? Should it matter, I copied a single VOB file to disk. (Must one really copy over a whole DVD just to grab a snippet?) ---------- whats the best way to convert a VOB file to an mpg4 for iPod? Thanks in advance xandra