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  1. Since the latest update, I am unable to use Toast Titanium 11 completely. The transition has put me in a hold pattern and in the meantime I can just SIT AND STEAM until they get some technical support in place.
  2. dshore95


    I am considering the upgrade to the new version. However I understand that Toast 11 doesn't include Streamer. My concern is if I will be able to continue using it after the new version installation. Are there any Roxio people out there who may be able to repond to my question or any new users who know?
  3. dshore95

    Problems with Toast Titanium Update

    I suggest that Roxio checks TechTracker/VersionTracker for comments and complaints from time to time. I am not criticizng Roxio's customer service because it is a reality that hackers can be a causative factor in creating problems. However even prior to the latest update issue, it has been a laborious task to update. As soon as one launches the new update one is requested to provide a serial number, not always readily available. And then is required to go through the steps as though it were the FIRST time launching the application. I am always surprised that Roxio does not recognize a user who has updated multiple times and required to go through these steps each time an update is downloaded. Passwords and logins are another problem but I won't address that issue here.