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    Streamer Not Streaming

    VERY COOL! I was able to get a three minute video to stream to both my macbook AND to my iphone! Nothing crashed! Is it possible to stream just music files? Thanks everyone for their help and encouragement.
  2. bkaatz

    Streamer Not Streaming

  3. bkaatz

    Streamer Not Streaming

    This morning not only will Streamer not connect to the server, it freezes and causes my browser to be unable to connect to anything. Only a force quit of streamer and a restart on my computer seems to fix it. Streamer now seems to be running on my local network (per the message at the bottom of the Streamer app). I can watch the video on my Macbook...but there is no sound. I can't use the web browser on the machine while Streamer is running (or even open).
  4. bkaatz

    Streamer Not Streaming

    So...about that Streamer...it's not streaming. It says "Streamer Server is running at: http://..." but when i browse there I get "Safari cannot connect to the server..." I have checked my router and UPnP is on and port 10080 listed in theUPnP Port Map Table. Please advise. P.S. I just noticed that when I turn off the Streaming Server and navigate the iphone to http://streamer.roxio.com/shortname i get a safari page that says "The computer you are attempting to connect to is currently not available. To view or download Streamer photos, the sender's computer needs to be connected to the internet." When I then turn the Streamer Server back on and reload the page on the iphone, i get a pop-up that says "Safari can't open the page because it could not connect to the server." I have never gotten to the point where I can enter a password and see my test video.
  5. bkaatz

    Title and track names lost when burning audio CDs

    I am especially confused since today, for the first time, an audio cd I burned using Toast DID burn the CD name AND track names from the FLAC files I dragged into Toast. After that one success...I haven't been able to duplicate the process. What's the point of being able to manually type in the name of the CD, the Artist Name, and the track names, if they aren't written onto the cd?