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    MyDVD Trial

    You may be able to download the softwear including drivers from Cannon http://alpha02u.c-wss.com/inc/ApplServlet?...DR&TRF=MAIN I am new at this, so sorry if my suggestions don't work. I wish you luck, don't think much of Roxio myself!
  2. Donkey

    MyDVD Trial

    I downloaded a triel version of Clone DVD from http://www.clonedvd.net/download.html and it copied my home made DVD's from my DVD recorded no problem. Give it a try it's free
  3. Donkey

    MyDVD Trial

    Ivanatrox I instaled the MyDVD trial V 6.2 a couple of days ago and also did not receive an email with serial number. Could you please email the serial number, as you did for the others, so I may try this product. Many thanks Eeyore