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    MyDVD Trial

    I'm also trying to get the serial number for DVDIT version 6 trial but haven't received the email serial number. Would you send me a copy (your PM mailbox is full). Thanks!
  2. Lowell

    DVDIT 5.1 crashing

    I've just upgraded from a single processor Intel Pentium 4 system to a Core Duo processor system. I was previously running DVDIT 5.1 with no problems on the single processor system. However, since upgrading to the new machine, DVDIT consistently crashes when attempting to add MPEG 2 files to the First Play item or it will add the video but not play it (no video appears in the monitor window). Audio tracks are added with no problem and play correctly. The error messages when a crash occurs indicate a page fault in the DVDIT5.EXE program. Here's a typical Dr. Watson error: Faulting application dvdit5.exe, version, faulting module dvdit5.exe, version, fault address 0x00465ef6. The OS is XP Pro SP2 fully patched and the machine is operating correctly with all other applications and passes all diagnostics (including memory tests). I've been trying to get access to my account on the Sonic website as I understand there's a version 5.2 update available there, however, even though the Sonic site recognizes my email address as being registered, it will not send the password in email (it is not being blocked by spam filters or being junked - the email is simply not being sent). Any assistance is greatly appreciated.