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  1. Didn't work because had too much in the comments field. Submitted t now. Still have useless program as I wanted to burn Blu-Ray home movies. Can't believe a program that is said to be supported doesn't have the plug in available. Especially as Best Buy here doesn't even have the NXT2 or any Pro version available .
  2. Did that. Received the following response When I go to the request for refund link it won't let me submit. I responded to the email as it says to do if there is a problem and no response. > Thank you for contacting Sonic Solutions eStore Customer Service. > > PLEASE NOTE: This is an automated response created to immediately help > you with your issue. If you still require further assistance please > reply to this message. > > We have received your request for a refund. To submit your request for a > refund to our accounting department, please follow these steps: > > - Go to: > http://store.digitalriver.com/store/sonic/DisplayOrderStatusPage > > Locate your order by one of the following options: > > - Order Number and Password > Or > - Email Address and last 5 Digits of Credit Card entered on the > order. > > If you do not know the password that was used when placing the order, > you can use the automated password reminder feature on the web form that > you used to submit your email: > http://store.digitalriver.com/store/sonic/DisplayForgotPasswordPage > > Once you have logged into the customer service website you will then > have access your order. To request a refund, click on the "request > refund" option and follow the information provided. Please note that > this process will generate an additional email that you will need to > open and follow the link provided. > > To complete the electronic refund request form, you will need to open > the message, use the link that is provided (please note that the link > may need to be completely copied and pasted into the address area in > your browser window if you encounter problems), then choose 'Accept'. > After completing the electronic form, your refund request will be > promptly processed by our accounting team. > > Thank you for contacting the Sonic Solutions eStore, we look forward to > serving you in the future. If you have any further questions or > concerns, please reply to this e-mail. > > Sincerely, > Sonic Solutions eStore > Customer Support Team > Email ID 27237833 > > > > > Original Message Follows: > ------------------------ > A shopper has emailed customer service with a request. The following > reasons were selected for the contact, and the specified email address > was given for contact. > > Selected Reasons: ReturnOrder - ReturnDigital - TechnicalProblem > > Shopper Comments: I purchased Creator NXT at Best Buy Canada on Sunday. > They didn't have any NXT 2 versions or NXT Pro so I assumed that they > were carrying the latest product. I installed and went to purchase the > Blu-ray author plug-in buy only one for NXT2 is available on your > website. On your technical discussion forum one of the digital gurus > suggested it should work with NXT. I purchased and downloaded and when > I try to install I get an error saying setup cannot find a valid version > of this software to upgrade. Please refund me the $19.99 for the > plug-in or more preferably advise where I can find the plug-in for the > NXT which is on the shelves at the stores while NXT2 isn't.
  3. That's the form I filled out originally and received an email from customer service saying I had to follow their other link to submit return for refund to accounting.
  4. This link has the button for the refund request where the one sent by customer service did not. However, when clicking on the Submit button after filling in all fields, nothing happens. Have tried it in both IE and Chrome.
  5. Trying. Submitted a return order and received an email saying to log into my order and click on request refund but there is no option on my order page so not sure what to do now. I just want the plug-in for NXT. This is ridiculous.
  6. Doesn't work. Get error message " Setup cannot find a valid version of this software to upgrade. Please make sure you are using the correct upgrade version." Now have to try and get refund for plug-in and have no way to create blu-rays.
  7. The store only had the NXT, didn't have NXT Pro or any NXT2 versions. Best Buy Canada. Software is already open so they won't accept a return.
  8. I cannot find the plug-in in the Accessories Section of the Roxio website for the NXT and all seaches have come up empty. I would like to know for sure the one for NXT2 would also work for NXT before purchasing. If anyone knows of where to find the one for NXT or can confirm the NXT2 plug-in works it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Its not NXT2, Its NXT. It is the author plug in I need. Will the plug-in for the NXT2 version work with NXT?
  10. I just purchased and installed Creator NXT, didn't even have NXT 2 at the store, and would like to purchase the blu-ray plug in but it's not in the web store. How do I purchase this?
  11. robj

    Liveshare with EMC 9

    What did you do to get it work? I tried the fix, but it still gives me a failed message. I did get a message asking to allow access first however. I even disabled my virus protection with no change.