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    I just paid for Roxio MyDVD Premier 8 and cannot get any support. It's absurd that they want to charge me 35 bucks (more than half the cost of the software) to answer questions. If anyone from Roxio sees this message, what is wrong with your company????? I am astounded at how aweful your product is and that I can't get simple questions answered from a live body ON THE SAME DAY I purchased the product. I have a Canon DC20 camera and lost the original software bundled with the camera Roxio MyDVD, so I purchased Roxio MyDVD Premier 8 thinking obviously that it should work. It doesn't recognize the video from the camera or a DVD. What do I do? Who can I call to express my dissatisfaction? I have the first six months of my babies life on DVD and I can't even make copies of the DVDs let alone edit them. I really want to edit them. I'm starting to wonder if it's even possible. What a scam you folks have going on!!!!!