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  1. A clean install is something I would prefer not to perform unless it is truely the only workaround. Is it possible for you or someone else, who owns a copy of EMC9, could forward to me their screenshot of the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} or an export of that in .REG format? I have a gut feeling I am very close to solving this problem myself.
  2. Dear All, Ok I have 2 problems which I have spent days trying to solve by following every step possible provided on these discussion groups. Here are the errors and the steps I have taken so far to try to fix them: 1. When I tried launching EMC9 Classic, I received a "Dragon engine initialization failed" error message. - Tried running "REGSVR32 ...\Dragon30.DLL", "REGSVR32 ...\DragonFire30.DLL" and "REGSVR32 ...\DragonRs30.DLL", all 3 registered successfully and rebooted my system but still the same error message. 2. When I run D2D, its icon displays "No Recorder" even though my CD/DVD drives are available. - Renamed the "LowerFilters" value to "BACKUP_LowerFilters" with the multistring value "PxHelp20 DRVMCDB DLACDBHM". - Installed the latest PX Engine, which put "PxHelp20" back into the "LowerFilters" value but this, unfortunately, caused the CD/DVD drives to disappear so I had to delete "LowerFilters". As it stands now, I have no "LowerFilters" value but the "UpperFilters" value has the multistring value "GearASPIWDM" which is the GEAR burning engine needed by WinAmp V5.541. Also, all my CD/DVD drives are present. Any advice on what to do next would greatly be appreciated! Thank you.
  3. Dear Roxio, Is it possible for a detailed log of current known bugs and issues being fixed to be posted as a pinned list that gets updated often by the Roxio team? I have just purchased EMC 9 and, considering some of the problems I've seen here in this forum, I would like to know which of these 1,000's of different problems are resolvable on my own and which ones need to be resolved only by the Roxio team. If the Administrator could please post a list of known bugs (besides that buffer underrun issue), I'm sure it will help us better determine what to expect when performing certain functions using the software until one or more patches are released. Your response is greatly appreciated. Thank you. -= VbN =-