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  1. Ive done several clean installs EMC 9 (download version).Im using System mechanic for pc clean up.When i perform removing system clutter I loose the content in photo assistant and video wave no longer works.Is this a problem with roxio or system mechanic.Ive emailed support to both and yet to have a reply.If system mechanic is the problem are there any pc utilities i can use that wont interfere or does roxio have a patch for this?Its very frustrating!!Any ideas on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Omar
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    which is the correct way to use lightscribe burn first then etch or etch then burn?
  3. I want to buy an IOMagic DL Dvd burner with light scribe.Does anybody know if EMC 7.5 recognizes this burner and does anybody else use lightscribe and is it really worth it?