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  1. Clayton

    Nxt 4 Patch 1.0

    Where do I download the NXT 4 Patch 1.0 from?
  2. Clayton

    Capture No Audio

    Hi, I am trying to capture something from my TV onto the computer through a WinTV-HVR-1300 card but there is no audio once captured to PC, before capturing, the Video and Audio is fine am I missing some codec's? I am trying to play it back in WMP, the audio plays fine if I play it back through PowerDVD 11
  3. Clayton

    Disc Copy

    I am using Vista 64 and when I use Creator Classic/Burn from disc image file then add my ISO it says Creator Classic has stopped working, I can burn the ISO image by going to the suite of products and select burn image but not from creator classic
  4. Clayton

    Vista Error

    and I can agree that DLA can be uninstalled... And how is this done on Vista? doesn't show up in Add/Remove
  5. Clayton

    Eject Disc

    Not sure if this is the correct group but I am having problems ejecting the disc from the drive after burning. The eject button on the drive doesn't work. I don't have the settings checked to eject disc after burning and the only way I can eject the disc is to goto My Computer and right click on the drive and select eject. then sometimes not all the time a error message pops up saying something about Creator9.exe. Should the setting for ejecting disc after burning be checked?