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  1. Clayton

    Nxt 4 Patch 1.0

    Where do I download the NXT 4 Patch 1.0 from?
  2. Clayton

    Capture No Audio

    Hi, I am trying to capture something from my TV onto the computer through a WinTV-HVR-1300 card but there is no audio once captured to PC, before capturing, the Video and Audio is fine am I missing some codec's? I am trying to play it back in WMP, the audio plays fine if I play it back through PowerDVD 11
  3. Clayton

    Disc Copy

    I am using Vista 64 and when I use Creator Classic/Burn from disc image file then add my ISO it says Creator Classic has stopped working, I can burn the ISO image by going to the suite of products and select burn image but not from creator classic
  4. Clayton

    Eject Disc

    Not sure if this is the correct group but I am having problems ejecting the disc from the drive after burning. The eject button on the drive doesn't work. I don't have the settings checked to eject disc after burning and the only way I can eject the disc is to goto My Computer and right click on the drive and select eject. then sometimes not all the time a error message pops up saying something about Creator9.exe. Should the setting for ejecting disc after burning be checked?
  5. Clayton

    Vista Error

    and I can agree that DLA can be uninstalled... And how is this done on Vista? doesn't show up in Add/Remove