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  1. Running Windows XP on a Dell machine that came bundled with Cineplayer already and other Roxio software. How can I absolutely remove all instances of Cineplayer so I can use the new software that came bundles with Creator XE 8.2 that came with the DVD burner??? I am so frustrated this has taken days to try to fix. I have tried the following: Uninstall in Control Panel remove software, removed registry files (all that I could safely find), Windows clean-up utility, clean install directions from Roxio website, delete files in Explorer, re-install of new software. It still asks me for the key code to activate the product and lists my Dell service tag code on the request. I called MadDog and they said there is no activation code for any of their bundled software. Which makes me think that the computer is using and old Dell activation file that I can't find. Please help me solve this before my husband gets angry at me for staying at this computer for so long!!!