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  1. Brian Palmer

    Turbo.264 & Toast 10 Video Player display issues

    Thanks for the information. I just went to edit a TiVo file last night and ran into the same issue with green video, no audio, and etc. I shall try grabbing 10.0.4 as well. Brian Palmer
  2. Brian Palmer

    Jumpy DVD output

    I would try changing the output to progressive if it's interlaced or vice versa. See if it makes a difference. Brian Palmer
  3. Brian Palmer

    Editing Tivo Files In Toast Video Player

    Thanks for the replies. I figured I wasn't the only one having this issue. I'm finding it very annoying that every time I buy a Roxio product, there always seems to be either some significant bug or something that doesn't work quite right. And then when I think it's about to be fixed, wham, new version comes out that you have to spend money on. Well, I don't have to spend the money I guess, but I'm the dolt who keeps paying, hoping all will be well Brian (MacBrian), let us know how it goes with logging the incident. I figure I should probably do this as well. Thanks again everybody. Brian Palmer
  4. Brian Palmer

    Editing Tivo Files In Toast Video Player

    Hello All, I went ahead and upgraded from Toast 8 to Toast 9 as I was thrilled to see that Toast 9 has the capability now to edit programs recorded on Tivo. I'm curious as to how many other people are having issues accurately placing the trim markers even with the "Fine" check box marked? The left arrow key for me, rarely moves the marker I select to the left. Most often it jumps forward somewhat spasmodically I might add . I can see that the frames shown at the bottom of the edit screen become expanded (there are more frames visible) when the "Fine" check box is marked. I would expect that pressing the left and right arrow buttons would allow me to move through those frames one at a time in either direction, but this does not always seem to be the case. I would love to see the editing granularity be closer to what you get from Toast when setting up markers on a DV file. I realize that DV files are very large and not nearly as compressed as Tivo files, so that type of granularity may not be possible. However, before I switched to Mac, I used Easy Media Creator and could edit Tivo files at the frame level. This should be true for the Toast Video Player as well in my opinion. Does Roxio have a hand in the development of the Toast Video Player, or is it solely developed by Elgato? And if development is solely through Elgato, would they correct this functionality since they are a Tivo competitor. I apologize if this seems to be a gripe session but I started off with Popcorn 3 which had the audio/video sync issue. Then I decided to upgrade to Toast 8 due to it's functionality which better suited my needs. It also had the audio/video sync issue (which has been fixed in 8.0.4.) Now I upgraded to Toast 9 to get this editing capability which seems shoddy at best (in my experience anyway.) I would hate to have to wait for Toast 10 to have this working. Or perhaps I'm just not using the editor correctly or my perception of how it should work is incorrect; this may very well be the case. If I'm incorrect in any of my previous statements or rantings, then I stand (or sit in this case) corrected. Brian Palmer
  5. Brian Palmer

    audio sync problem

    Scott, Visual Hub is quite inexpensive and in my opinion, very much worth getting. I also picked up a script called TiVo Decoder that utilizes the TiVoDecode program for conversion. You just drop your TiVo files on the script to convert them to mpg. Then I use Visual Hub to convert to any other format I may need. The TiVo Decoder might be all you need until Popcorn can encode to other formats without the sync issue. However, even after using TiVo Decoder to convert to mpg I still get audio sync issues with Popcorn 3, hence my use of Visual Hub. I really do like Popcorn. It just isn't doing its job yet, but I'm still looking forward to the day I can use it! Brian Palmer
  6. Brian Palmer

    audio sync problem

    Hey Scott, I understand your frustration. I now use Popcorn's TivoToGo to transfer my shows from the TiVo to my Mac and then use TiVo Decode Manager on it. From there I use VisualHub to convert it to whatever format I need without any audio/video sync issues. Currently I cannot produce any output from Popcorn, using a TiVo file as it's source, that doesn't render a file that has audio/video sync issue. This is unfortunate as I purchased Popcorn specifically for it's ability to handle TiVo files and convert them to different formats. I was even tossing around the idea of upgrading to Toast 8 for a complete CD/DVD and Tivo handling package, but at this point, I think I'll wait. Brian Palmer
  7. Brian Palmer

    audio sync problem

    Hey all, I've been trying to convert .TiVo files to different formats and even to DVD. No matter what the format is, I end up with audio out of sync with the video. I have noticed that my files or DVD's start out of sync and the closer the program gets to the end, the closer the audio and video get in sync. The longer the program, the more out of sync it starts. Looks like I'm one of those individuals to which PatatRox is referring to in the 3.0.2 update post. If I can provide any more info, let me know. Brian Palmer
  8. Brian Palmer

    Upgrade to Popcorn 3 (just bought Popcorn 2 last week)

    Thanks tsantee, I just got off the phone to get the refund and purchase Popcorn 3. Guess that was the easiest and fastest way to do this. Brian Palmer
  9. Hello all, Well, 3 weeks ago I finally took the plunge and picked up a 17" iMac on clearance (since the new models came out). I must say that I absolutely love it although I'm starting to miss having to fight with my PC everyday So now that I have an iMac I decided to get Popcorn and week ago from last Sunday I picked up Popcorn 2 as a download from Roxio's site. I got on to Roxio's website toward the beginning of this week and noticed Popcorn 3 came out. The Tivo to go would be a big bonus for me since I have Tivo. I sent Roxio a customer service email on the 4th asking if I would be able to get Popcorn 3 at no cost since I bought Popcorn 2 last week. Never hurts to ask anyway! Since I hadn't heard back from them, I tried the 866-280-7694 number to ask my question. The support rep said that they are just the 3rd party company that handles sales and that I should call 866-279-7694. I went ahead and called but found that this is the premium pay tech support number . Anyway, I guess my question is, has anybody else had any experience with this? Should I even be asking to get Popcorn 3 at no cost? Is there a different number I should try? Any comments are welcome. Thanks to all. Brian Palmer Proud owner of a new iMac!!!
  10. Brian Palmer

    Tivo file won't load

    Good Morning Arayana, Make sure that you have install Tivo Desktop from Tivo's Website. If you already have it installed you might try re-installing it. I use EMC9 to create DVD's from Tivo and it is working fine for me, but you must have Tivo's software installed for EMC9 to decode the .tivo files.
  11. Brian Palmer

    Scene Selection Thumbnails

    Budyog, I have the same issue when I precede my videos with a color panel. I've been converting some TIVO files to DVD. I insert a 2 second black color panel with a dissolve transition (makes for a nice little fade in effect) especially on those programs that start a few seconds into the beginning of the show. I did this mainly because my chapter buttons will play the first frame of the program before going to the correct chapter. If I remove my color panel, all the chapter buttons appear with a proper thumbnail. If I leave the color panel, I get a grey and white checkerboard pattern instead of the thumbnail I select. I have the latest video drivers which, as I suspected, do not seem to make a difference in this case.
  12. Brian Palmer

    Creating chapters in MyDVD9.

    Good Morning All, I'm running into the exact same issue. I click any chapter thumbnail (during preview and the final DVD) and the first frame of the production is played and then jumps forward to the correct chapter. This happens on all of my chapter thumbnails. Everything else works beautifully. I've grabbed the latest Omega drivers since I can't get newer drivers from Gateway or ATI. I will doublecheck the Direct X drivers but I always keep my system as up to date as possible. Thanks. Brian Palmer I have a Gateway 8510GZ laptop with: 1.73GHz Pentium M processor 1 GB of memory 100 GB HD ATI X700 mobile GPU w/64MB memory