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  1. Did the "repair". Created a new ISO. Burned 1st disc ok. Burned another and the program stopped working. Going to try Image Burn now and see if I get the same error which should prove whether or not it's a Creator NXT problem only.
  2. Jim, Yes I used the "Burn Disc Image" from the Data/Copy tab. That is what crashes. I shall try your suggestion and report back.
  3. Posted in the wrong bl*ody forum. Using NXT Pro. Burned previously with Creator 2010 Pro. ISO file created using previous versions of Creator. Looks like good old Image Burn might be the answer.
  4. Yes they are ISO Image files. They were created in previous versions of Creator. I burned them, no problem, in Creator 10. Don't want to resort to Image Burn yet as I hope NXT will continue doing what 2010 did.
  5. Every time I burn a DVD Image to disc I get the "Roxio Creator has stopped working" and prompts me to close (See image)................... I have to restart the program for each disc I want to burn. Any ideas?
  6. I knew it was coming from the States but forgot about the other charges. Might never get it anyway..........................................................
  7. Wish I'd seen this post 6 weeks ago before I did the same and ordered NXT Pro. The big difference is that after 6 weeks I still don't have the product. I complained to Roxio who have shipped me another disc so I'm waiting another 4-5 weeks for the "sting in the tail" when it arrives. Hope it's worth the wait.....................and the additional costs.
  8. bds1958

    Canon Mts Files Problem

    As I said at the start of this post "it's been a while". Yes it's 2010 I'm running. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. bds1958

    Canon Mts Files Problem

    Thanks lads. I forgot to update my specs. I'm now running Windows 7.
  10. bds1958

    Canon Mts Files Problem

    It's been a while Jim since I've been here. Its a Legria HFR18. They are MTS files. Funny thing though, in the last hour since I posted I tried to roll back the latest Realtek audio driver I recently updated. It never "rolled back" and I'm left with some Microsoft Audio but it fixed the problem. Anyway while I'm on, what spec of machine do you suggest to edit AVCHD files as my machine is very slow and the preview screen stutters a lot in Videowave. Cheers.
  11. bds1958

    Canon Mts Files Problem

    Recently invested in a Canon HD camcorder. The AVCHD files (MTI format) that I have transfered from the camera to my pc have all suddenly lost the sound. They were playing back ok until recently. The files still on the camera have sound when viewed through the camera. But when transferred to the pc......no sound. I am mystified. Any ideas?
  12. bds1958

    Simple DVD Menus.

    Got it now. Thanks.
  13. bds1958

    Simple DVD Menus.

    In good old RMC 9 I could use "Disc Copier" to load a few DVD folder files, make a basic black background menu with simple text buttons and burn to Image for transfer to disc later. How do I do it in 2010? All I seem to get is My DVD with a load of templates I don't want to use for a basic project. Am I missing something?
  14. bds1958

    Burning Problem

    Brendon, Now you mention it there was an "Advanced Sense" message. Never took any notice and I just checked out which PX Engine version I had and the rest is history. If it happens again I'll take "the lazy way out" and post the "Advanced Sense" information. Regards,