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  1. I have EMC 9 & have no need for the full product installation, just Label Creator which I need for creating a few nice Lightscribe disc labels. Can I just install that portion of the product & will it work under Windows 7? I realize there are other products available, some free, but I have lots of old labels & templates from this version of Label Creator & remember liking the flexibility of the product for designing nice looking labels.
  2. The movies trimmed in VideoWave that I've been having trouble with now play properly in WMP 11. This started working after selected "Turn on Direct X Video Acceleration" in WMP 11. What's bizarre is that I can disable it now & the video still plays! I think the problems might be related to a recent Automatic Update from either HP or Microsoft. I normally disable Automatic Updates, but have let it go on my new computer thinking problems with this sort of thing was maybe a thing of the past by now. I still have Sonic MyDVD 7 installed. It came with the machine & has never caused trouble before. I recall recently seeing some sort of update from HP for the Sonic software. I may try removing all the Sonic stuff, but it seems I need some of those codecs for functionality in VideoWave & Windows Movie Maker! The Sonic "filters" are the only ones that give me full functionality in Windows Movie Maker! I'm also seeing all sorts of strange behavior in Windows Movie Maker depending on which "filters" I enable/disable. I just left them all enabled in the past & everything worked fine until whatever recently happened broke all this stuff! I wish it were more obvious which codecs supply what functionality & what functionality Roxio actually needs! At some point it may be easier to just remove all the extra stuff & re-install Roxio EMC 9 assuming Roxio provides all that is needed.
  3. I also found that muvee autoProducer 5.0 SE hangs. Roxio CinePlayer plays awful random noise (static) for the audio. MyDVD 7 & 8 will play the video just fine (with audio). VCGProxyFileManager9.exe seems more stable since doing the Repair install. CinePlayer & CineMagic won't open at the same time. Probably has to do with using hardware for mgp encoding & decoding, but a "hardware in use by another application" message or revert to software encoding/decoding would make a LOT more sense than software hanging! Total garbage software!
  4. I messed around with this a little more tonite. I found that the original video drivers supplied by HP actually cause a loss of functionality in VideoWave (no scroll bar when trimming a video clip, for example) & also Corel PaintShop Pro X will not even run (just hangs). I installed the latest from NVIDIA, ForceWare 93.81 (a BETA driver). Things go back to normal after this. I need more time to see if VideoWave still crashes. I also found that VideoWave does appear to have some sort of audio encoding issue, but I'm not sure of the specifics yet. For a particular mpg clip, there was no audio in MS WMP 11. It turns out that some audio IS being encoded, BUT the only application that seems to be able to play it is VideoWave! MS WMP 11 plays the video with no audio. HP PhotoSmart Premier & RealPlayer hang right at the start. I don't have any other applications to try playing back the video with. It seems awfully suspicious that only VideoWave can play it though! Next I'll try doing a Repair install of Roxio EMC9.
  5. I see the same problem. One thing our systems have in common is the AMD Athlon 64-bit X2 processor although mine is only a 3800+. I have an NVidia 6500LE video chipset, 2 GB RAM, plenty of drive space, running WMC 2005 SP2, 32-bit. I have the latest NVidia drivers & all MS updates applied. When VideoWave works, it seems to work just fine. In other words, it is reasonably responsive & gets the job done (no comment on the UI & programming quality in general). It seems to hang more often when I'm muliti-tasking despite the other processes being tiny & irrelevent as far as CPU & memory usage. I've also noticed that if I terminate Videowave (don't really have a choice), VCGProxyFileManager9.exe remains an active process. I can run VideoWave again, but when I save the same file I was working on, the audio is either not encoded at all or encoded improperly because there is no sound! Other mpg files play fine. If I terminate VideoWave & the errant VCGProxyFileManager9.exe process, it still does not properly encode the audio. I think this confirms the comments that the problem is related to temp or cache files & certainly involves audio encoding. I haven't repeated these tasks enough to be convinced there aren't other variables, but right now I really think this is a bug in VideoWave & may have to do with using AMD CPUs. I do think Roxio could reproduce this problem easily enough. I suppose we will have to wait to purchase the "fix" in version 10. PS. I think all the silly temp files are created because Roxio insists on playing the file all the time! Why does Roxio insist on doing this? Is there any way to turn it off? I don't want the file I'm working on to be played while I'm still working on it! I am perfectly capable of pressing Play when & if I am ready to do so! Playing by default is a total waste of CPU & memory!
  6. B R H

    Streaming audio capture

    Any audio chipset following the AC97 standard has the capability to mix & record any audio stream you would want to record. The problem is with the drivers provided by the manufacturer or something messed up with the configuration in Windows. So technically, it is a software problem, not a hardware problem. Most audio "cards", integrated on the motherboard or seperate card, have an AC97 codec or something meeting that specification. Software "engineers" are causing the problems, not hardware engineers. Before running out to buy a new audio card, I think anyone having these sort of problems should first try re-installing their current audio drivers. If that doesn't help, find the latest & install those. If that doesn't work, you may be out of luck until the manufacturer provides a proper driver so your only option may be to find a new card.
  7. B R H

    Capture Internet Audio

    I had the exact same problem until I downloaded & installed the latest drivers for the audio chipset used in my PC (RealTek HD in an HP PC). I don't know if the new drivers solved the problem or if simply re-installing the drivers after Roxio EMC was installed fixed something that was broken. It has worked fine ever since though.
  8. I've run into this problem on/off since installing EMC 9. I don't use Drag to Disc as far as I know. I should probably remove this application, but just haven't taken the time to figure out what functionality I will lose as a result. Anyway, I "burned" a label on a LightScribe disc using Label Creator & then removed that disc to burn another data CD. I inserted the CD-R & opened Creator Classic. The CD-R was not LightScribe & I meant to burn the disc on a LightScribe disc, so I tried to eject it by pressing the PC eject button. An error from Drag to Disc popped up stating the "recorder was busy" & asked me to wait. I waited & tried again. There was no disc activity & I continued to get the same error message. I tried ejecting it via the button, Windows Explorer, etc. Nothing would work. I did a little searching, but couldn't find anything that directly addresses this issue. I did manage to eject the disc by running a DVD player provided by HP (just started that application & pressed Eject in the UI). Anybody know a solution to this (besides the obvious removing Drag to Disc)?
  9. B R H

    Windows UI Themes don't apply to EMC?

    I haven't noticed any issues whatsoever with IE7 & EMC 9. FYI, in WMP 11 there is a setting for Classic Menu. It's not 100% classic, but it's close - at least you get real menus even if the colors don't do what they're supposed to! I don't understand why this skin stuff is popular. A consistent GUI is important to actually get any work done on a PC. I guess kids these days just want their PCs to look like shiny toys instead.
  10. B R H

    MyDVD video DVD backgrounds

    Good information - thanks!
  11. B R H

    Drop-down menus don't work

    My video drivers are the latest but may not be the correct version since it's very hard to figure out with OEM NVidia stuff (too many pieces to try to figure out). They are the latest with my exact GPU in the readme at least. There are other files that seem to apply but I'm afraid to install just yet. I only updated the video drivers to resolve a conflict with installing PaintShopPro. DirectX version 9.0c. Display is 96 dpi. I am curious why is 96 dpi necessary? My old PC was actually DVI only, but now I'm back to analog with the same LCD. DVI produces a much clearer display. That's progress I guess.
  12. B R H

    MyDVD video DVD backgrounds

    OK, but I see nothing anywhere that actually says Videowave, do you? So why do both products exist as separate applications anyway? What does Videowave do for me that MyDVD doesn't? I haven't tried many of the applications that popped up with the Sonic & Roxio "merge". My guess is that they will gradually simmer down to the least common denominator it takes to get the job done in version 10, 11, 17, or 20!
  13. B R H

    Windows UI Themes don't apply to EMC?

    I know, that's why I put "upgrade" in quotes. I can't stand it when companies charge for bug fixes. I too wish I would have skipped the intermediate versions & waited for 9 or 10 instead! I think I've purchased every single version that was ever available! I'm done with that. I think I can get Vista for free with my recent new PC purchase, but I'm not eager to "upgrade" that either. I'm sure MS will sneak in a few bugs, I mean "updates", for XP that can't be rolled back so that we will soon have no choice though. My old PC ran XP 24/7 since some of the beta versions were available. It was completely stable until sometime last year. I've formatted the drives & started over & it still ends up needing a reboot every week or so. I'm having similar troubles with my new PC. XP is so loaded with patches that it's hard (not worth the time) to figure out which one is causing the trouble, but I know it's one of them! It's a conspiracy I tell ya!
  14. B R H

    MyDVD video DVD backgrounds

    I'm using MyDVD, not VideoWave, but it appears I have the same options. What's the real difference between these tools anyway? Anyway, thanks for pointing these out. I hadn't messed around in the Storyline tab much yet & there are quite a few handy tools I wasn't aware of as a result.
  15. B R H

    MyDVD video DVD backgrounds

    This is what I assumed & already did, but I didn't know what size image to use. I went with a 720 x 480 pixel JPG to be safe. I'm sure it will be scaled properly during encoding, but I wonder what the limitations are here (both large & small)? Thanks. I haven't tried creating any custom Styles yet.