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    Label Creator problems

    Okay, did all that. Defragged and set paging to 4 GB and 4 GB. Also found a LC8hotfix that was mentioned in some old posts and installed that. I wonder that does not surface when I looked for updates to EMC 8? Went through the label making, saving, and trying to reopen process again and it is nothing short of a horrorshow. Labels can be created and saved but the errors still occur when you try to re open the saved labels. Roxio has a horrible track record in my experience as far as de-bugging and fixing their applications. All they appear to be interested in doing is adding more troublesome bells and whistles and selling upgrades. EMC 8 has been nothing but trouble for me since day one. They have driven me away, I'll never purchase another Roxio product. One of my questions here was what was a good product to replace Roxio with. I don't seem to be getting any answers to that question. Jack
  2. Jackinmaine

    Label Creator problems

    Thanks for the reply, here's the specs: MOBO = ABIT IC7-MAX3 CPU = Intel P4 2.66GHz RAM = 2GB RAM Hard Drive = Adaptec 29160 + IBM-ESXS ST3146807LW FN (146GB) SPACE AVAILABLE 81009 MB PAGING FILE INITIAL 2046 MB MAXIMUM 4092 MB Jack
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    Label Creator problems

    Running W2K Pro SP4 Using REMC 8 (Build 805B30B ENU) with following not installed: Drag-to-Disc PhotoSuite VideoWave and MyDVD Media Import Digital Home When I try to open label projects I get the following errors: Out of memory An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end. I found multiple instances of label creator in task manager and ended all of them. Problem seems intermittent but once the problem occurs with a label project it never goes away. Only solution seems to be to remake that project from scratch. I don't particulary like REMC 8, have had a lot of trouble with it. My needs are simple. Simply to create and copy data and MP3 CDs and DVDs. Is anyone using a competing product or application that is not as "feature rich" (i.e., trouble some) as this? No way am I going to upgrade to 9, I started with 5 went to 7, then 8, and it got more trouble some at each step. Thanks in advance for any help. Jack