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    Playback Repeating

    I am using toast to burn a live performance of a singer and I noticed that after burning to DVD the playback repeats endlessly in the external DVD player. Where can I change this setting to play once and stop. I can't figure this out? I have a few DVD players and that happens on all of them, I thought it may have been the player but I assume now that it must be on the DVD.
  2. costa

    Cd Spin Doctor Filters

    Can anyone confirm if the filters in Version are stuffed? When I tick the box on say the Noise Reducer it actually does the opposite!!!! In fact it hums and crackles on all the filters. So much for the upgrade. If so can anyone suggest a workaround or should I go back to the previous update.
  3. costa

    CD Text not appearing

    Thanks for the response. I found strangely enough that when I imported the CD tracks into iTunes the text was there so I didn't need to re-enter the titles. Thanks for the link as well.
  4. costa

    CD Text not appearing

    I just burned a CD from a Vinyl album and typed the titles into Toast 7 but after mounting the CD onto the desktop I find the ttles don't appear. Only if I open Toast again and drag the now burnt CD back into the Toast window the titles are all there. In past versions of Toast when going through the same procedure the tiltes would be available when the CD is mounted on the desktop. Is there a setting I'm not aware of or doesn't this version work the same?
  5. costa

    cd Key

    Hi everyone, just purchased Toast Titanium 7 & am trying to input the CD Key on the registration page of my application. when i input the CD Key from inside the Box cover the "continue" box is greyed out not allowing me to move past this window. I've tried registering the product at the website but after inputtiing the same details I get an "invalid CD Key "message. Any ideas on how to get over this hurdle as it would be nice to be able to use the product in the not- to-distant future.