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  1. I recently upgraded to Creator NXT7 and suddenly MyDVD will not allow an MKV file to be burned onto a DVD. Earlier versions most definitely did. Is this a designed loss of functionality or an issue with my installation?
  2. I feel better that others can duplicate it; it means I'm not completely crazy or overlooking something simple .
  3. Nope, same thing as the other WMV files. Half screen in render and finished output.
  4. The file I sent you is not the one I want to use. This issue happens with EVERY WMV file on my computer. Here's the info on one of the files I was working with: It happens if I try to edit the file in Videowave. If I bypass and go right to MyDVD and try to add a WMV file to a DVD I get the same half screen. It doesn't matter what WMV file it is, doesn't matter how large or how small. Same things happens to all of them. I've tried files that I have already edited successfully and it happens to them. I've tried it on files that I have already successfully burned to a DVD and it happens to them. I'm not sure your "silk purse and sow's ear" analogy works here, at least with regards to the video file. I'm wondering if I should just try uninstalling and re-installing. Maybe there's something "stuck" in a cache or something. Are there any "tricks" to uninstalling?
  5. Yeah, the generated file is half black, it looks exactly like the render window. I definitely use Quicktime, only mentioned it because someone on this thread asked.
  6. Yes, as I had said, this happens with all WMVs so since you wanted to see one I just sent you a file. Here's what it looks like on my machine: PS -- I do have Quicktime installed, to answer a previous question.
  7. O-kay, then. I'm attaching the system info. As I said, it fails with any WMV so I'm attaching the Windows Movie Maker Sample File. http://www.upfordown...load/view/86196 . It's small, and it has the same problem as all the other WMV files. A little more info -- I need to export the file as a MPEG-2 for DVD. If I try to use the "Smallest File" option, it works (although it produces a file that is not really suitable for DVD burning). If I choose any other option in the MPEG-2 (Normal Quality, Better Quality, Best Quality) it fails. Since that seemed to point to WMV to MPG conversion, I tried other formats and it looks like I can export to other formats (like MP4) fine. So my workaround for now is to export to HD MP4. Obviously, I would prefer to be able to use the product as designed, but at least this will allow me to keep going while we try to resolve this. Tx DxDiag.txt
  8. I'm not sure how that would help; as I said, it's not just one video. The issue is occurring on ANY WMV file, including WMV files that previously worked with no issues. So there's really no possibility that it's a problem with the WMV file itself.
  9. Thanks for the replies! - It happens to all WMV files regardless of where they came from. In addition, I checked a couple of WMV files that I successfully burned DVDs from in the past (I've used Roxio for a while) and now they fail. - When I render in hardware, it displays OK but exports wrong. When I render in software, it is wrong on both display and export. - The videos play perfectly in Windows Media Player. I am running 12.0.7601.17514. I checked for updates, and it says I am running the most up to date components. - I'm attaching screen shots of both SuperEasy Codec Check and GSpot. Thanks!
  10. I am having the exact same issue as this guy -- http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/89291-burning-progress-screen-is-half-blacked-out/ -- but it is extending further. Even in VideoWave when trying to edit, when I try to export the video it's half-black. It only happens for WMV files -- MP4, AVI, MPG are all fine. It's definitely something to do with the Videoware software -- if I put together a project with all different types of files, when the program hits the WMV file the CPU goes through the roof. I am running Windows 7, and am fully up-to-date on all video drivers and Windows patches (including MXSML and .NET). I tried using the "Copy and Convert Video" tool to convert the WMV to MPG but this fails with the same half-black screen. Any ideas?
  11. I'm using Roxio Creator 2011 and am having an issue burning MP4s onto DVD that I do not have with any other file format -- If the MP4 is widescreen, then Roxio is always adding black bars to the right and left of the video file on the DVD. That ends up with the DVD movie being a small file floating in the middle of the screen. Anybody else have this issue?
  12. Steve2006

    Videowave Pan And Zoom Default

    Thanks for the suggestion; I did that and the problem was not resolved, same problems -- stuck on pan and scan and then hangs when I try to change it.
  13. I'm using Roxio MyDVD Video Lab 10 on a Windows 7 64-Bit machine. According to the box, that is a fully supported configuration (just to get that out of the way! ) The issue is that when I add a video clip to make a DVD, it is ALWAYS in pan and zoom mode. I need to click "Edit Movie" and adjust the "Pan and Zoom" editor for its odd pre-set default to "None." And of course, Videowave being what it is, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it hangs the whole machine, and it never works with an MP4 file. The Videowave issues aside, it would resolve almost all my issues if the default were just "None" instead of this odd preset pan-and-scan mode. But I can't seem to figure out how to set the default. I've opened Videowave directly and gone through every menu option and I can't find anything. But when I open a video file is it always in some pan-and-scan option. I'm not so concerned about how it got changed, just want to know how to change it back. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. I have My DVD Premier 8. I add MPGs and AVI and MOVs to a project with no problems, but when I go to burn the DVD is runs a while, and then hangs in the middle of "Encoding" one of the videos. Never the same one, never the same time, just sometime during the process it just stops. When I look at Task Manager, it says it's "Not Responding" and I need to end the process. Any ideas on what's happening? I did NOTHING except add the videos, I didn't add any effects, no sounds, nothing. Just add the videos and click "Burn."