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    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    I am using a LaCie external DVD burner (up-to-date firmware) and have problems with 7.12 and 8.0 with the lead-out. So it is NOT an Apple specific issue.
  2. VirgilBoy

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    Data disk. Various kinds of data. All exhibit the same symptom. Today I tried Sony DVD+RW at 2X and 4X. Same.. Toast 7.1 STILL works perfectly, and the version of Toast is the ONLY variable in my tests. A relative has purchased Toast 8 and invited me to experiment. Exactly the same problem with DVD+RW, so I will NOT be upgrading to Toast 8
  3. VirgilBoy

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    Correct. All factors are the same except the version of Toast. Toast 7.1 has previously, and again allows a proper burn with my Memorex DVD+RWs. I am doing Quick Erase and unfortunately have no more "virgin" blanks to test with. It only states ide-dvd DVDRW8651 for the LaCie, and that is the term I Googled to determine the actual manufacturer.
  4. VirgilBoy

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    Did some Googling and this LaCie burner seems to be using either a Philips or BenQ mechanism. I have reverted to 7.1 and burning DVD+RW works perfectly again.
  5. VirgilBoy

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    Freshburn - Well, that is not the case in this instance. I did neglect to mention that I am using my LaCie external DVD burner.
  6. VirgilBoy

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    I have just discovered that I have this problem on my brand new Intel iMac using Toast 7.1.2 also. Using the same DVD+RW (which hangs on the lead-out with 7.1.2), and burning using Toast 7.1 on my PowerBook yields a NORMAL BURN. If I burn from the Finder, using the very same DVD+RW, burning is successful. So...I am no expert, but I would say this is a bug in Toast 7.1.2. John. Can you point out how to do a proper uninstall of 7.1.2 so that I can hopefully go back to 7.1 again and not suffer with this Toast bug?