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  1. Kevin J, you are my new best friend! I was also having drive problems, and this fixed it right up! Thanks very much!!
  2. I withdraw my question. In another post, I found a hint that suggested running the following; http://docs.sonic.com/support/px/pxengine2_08_40d.exe and my drive is no working again!!!
  3. I bought a Dell a few months ago which came with a combo DVD/CD burner (H-L Data Storage model GSA-H21N) and Roxio Creator MyDVD Combo Plus version 6. I have never been able to write a CD using any of the RecordNow products. I can write DVDs with MyDVD Plus, and I can play and burn audio CDs using Windows Media Player but not with the Roxio software. The problem is that whenever I start any of the RecordNow products, they say "No drive detected" when the drive is visible in My Computer, and the Device Manager says the drive is okay. I have tried uninstalling the drive and installing a brand-new Sony drive and still have the same problem, and Media Player seems to work, so it's not the burner hardware. I tried Dell support; after five hours of: uninstall Roxio, install Roxio, uninstall drive, install drive, install some freewere burner software that didn't work, uninstall it... Dell decided that I should reinstall all of Windows next. I said thanks very much, it's been fun, see you later. The responses on this forum seem pretty knowledgeable, so hopefully someone here could help? Thanks in advance!!