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  1. Hi all I made a HD dvd (yes I have the blu ray plug in) and the first one worked but the second one that I did a week later doesn't work. The player reads it then the tv screen SEEMS to look like it's gona play it but comes back to the blu ray menu. Why is this?? When I did the 2nd time I left the vid in .mov I wonder if this is the problem. The first time I think that I did convert it to mp4 then imported it to toast 11. So what is the best way to do this? I don't remember how I did the first one that works in a Blu Ray player. Thanks for any info!!!
  2. Hi all Since I bought a new MacPro tower the 2 burners (HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GH61N) can't read erased DVD+RW media on Toast 10.0.8. When I use new DVD+RW it burns them without any problems but after I erase it (Quick mode) it tells me that it has been erased successfully but when I put it back in Toast doesn't see it and ejects the disk. I have tried this on the 2nd drive and same thing so I know it's not a drive issue, I even called Apple and with Disk Utility it has no problem reading it after been erased so it's a bug in Toast the way I see it for now. Any one with the same problem??? BTW both burners are SATA and NOT ATA drives. I have the 2010 MacPro 6 core. Thanks for any help!!!! Sisko
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    Thanks for the quick response!!! I was thinking of trying the S-video connection since it provides better video performance and MAYBE be able to record those SLP tapes but don't have any around to try it out. I bet it won't do anything and just waste money for nothing. I find this odd that Roxio didn't mention this in the manual that you can only copy SP video cassettes. It would be nice to see a "firmware" to the usb capture unit if it can be updated or maybe another update to the program. Well I hope Roxio will resolve this problem ASAP because all of my SLP cassettes are, for now, useless to backup!!!
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    Hi all!! Ok I could be wrong with this but is it POSIBLE that the speed that the video was recorded could affect the recording with this program? I had SP cassettes that was captured great but the moment that I have SLP tapes the video just seem to skip and have lines. I have checked all my cables and everything is OK. I have tried it with my Macbook (intel 2.2 with 7200rpm HD and 4 gig ram) and it does it and tried it with my G5 at full cpu power and same here. So I just wana know if the speed of the video recorded in if it will effect the recording to my computer. THANKS!!!