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    Finally got a working serial from Digital river

    I've been after Roxio support about this problem since 10/4 and as yet to have a satisfactory resolution with them. I and other people are having the same problems. They sold us BOT ver 1.1 and not Version 3. You can check your registered products through Roxio and it will state that it is BOT1.1 not BOT3. I have sent them several tech "web tickets" without any success. I guess Roxio thinks the purchasers of this product is as dumb as a sack of hammers. I have even sent them jpg pictures of their BOTver1.1 and their still in denial. I hope (but doubt) they will deliver as promise. I believe everbody that purchased this software will end up getting nothing for their money except a hole in their pockets.
  2. Beaumont

    Invalid serial number

    Be sure to check the program carefully. Open BOT then go to the help, then "about" and see if it shows version 3. You might be in for a surprise. Also, login to your account on the Roxio website and check your registered programs. Mine stated it was "BackOnTrack ver 1.1".
  3. Beaumont

    BOT3 and the "newBOT3 Suite"?

    Well I recieved my "new Serial number" and installed without a hitch--HITCH???. It installed BOTversion 1.1. I emailed tech support with the existing lengthy web ticket. Guess what? They are now showing a BOT3 Suite. The web ticket states: "Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support Some components are new to Back on Track 3 and so those components are version 1. This does not mean it is Back on Track 1. Back on Track 3 and Back on Track 3 suite are both available because some users need different options and do not like paying for the features they will not use." Hey Roxio, You advertised BOT3 with CD recovery capability. There was no mention of your new BOT3 Suite at my time of ordering. This is a royal rip off!! There is no way I'm buying into this. Do you think your consumers are that stupid?? Why would anyone in their right mind purchase a backup program without disaster CD recovery?? Go Figure!
  4. Beaumont

    Refund on BackOnTrack3

    I have had nothing but trouble installing this software. I had to uninstall my registered version of EMC9 because of the new serial numbers that were given to me screwed it up! I could reinstall EMC9 but I think I'll checkout other possibilities other than Roxio. I have used the "Live Chat" at least three time and have a webticket #461204 and have called the 1-800 number at least twice. I have requested and hopefully will recieve a refund since I bought this nonfunctioning software on 10/04/07. Roxio, I have bought many products from you in the past, but enough is enough--no more! Roy A Beaumont
  5. Beaumont

    Invalid serial number

    I have called the 1 800 number at least twice, Talked with "Live Chat" four times, and recieved several emails through their support. A forum member who does QA gave me 2 new serial numbers to try. One of them did work and installed the BOT ver. 1.1; Totaly useless. The old program tells you to upgrade to version 3. DUH? Also, when I installed with the new serial number, it disabled my registered copy of EMC ver. 9! I don't know what else to do but wait or get a refund. Whatever you do though, I would not suggest buying Acronis True Image 11. You can try it before you buy it but several hundreds if not thousands of people are having major issues on this buggy program. I am one of those users. I've used them in the past with amazing results, but this version sucks! I bought two copies of this program and have had a multitude of email support without any success.
  6. Beaumont

    Invalid serial number

    After four days and not very helpful tech support including live chat, I called Roxio again. Apparently Digital Rivers is giving out invalid serial numbers. The person on the 1-800-656-5443 stated that there are some problems, and they are checking on it. Sure hope they hurry up because I really need a reliable backup prgram.
  7. Beaumont

    Invalid serial number

    I recently purchased and downloaded BackOnTrack3. To make a long story short, I have had a very bad time installing this software. It keeps on telling me that I have an invalid serial number. Though I have sent "support tickets" to tech support, nothing has helped. Roxio even gave me a new serial number which unfortunately did not work. I have tried installing this software through modifying the "msconfig" program in Windows XP Pro and also booting into the "Safe Mode with network support". Nothing seems to work. I recently puchased two copies of the Acronis True Image Backup ver. 11 and have nothing but trouble with it. Tech support there is very bad; so I thought BackOnTrack3 might be the answer to my backup needs. If anyone knows a fix to this I would greatly appreciate it.