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  1. I used EMC 8 (like Creator classic, Music disc creator, VideoWave and MyDVD) in the winter, but has not used it for a month or two. Now when I try VideoWave I only get the splashscreen, then it disappears and nothing more happens. MyDVD and all other parts of the suite works fine as far as I can see. If I select to edit movie from within MyDVD the same thing happes, ie MyDVD goes away and nothing else shows up. I have tried to remove and install again, even used roxizap but no success. I also tried to manually clean the registry by searching for roxio, sonic and easy but only was asked to register the product with Roxio again, no other difference. Since it has been a month or two since I used it last time I am not sure what has changed in the computer during that time. EMC 8.05, Windows XP SP2 and all patches, Fujitsu Siemens laptop. Any suggestions?
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    Windows Explorer

    What is the content of the explorer window you get? Is it by any chance "C:\Program"? If so do you have both "C:\Program\" and "C:\Program files\"? If so than this is probably a simple quoting error by Roxio which should be reported as a bug.
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    The Lo-Fi version was nice in someways but still not what I want.
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    That was a good tip. Thanks. Still not really what I would like, I would prefer to get the board in a news-feed instead....
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    Is there a way to show only topics with unread posts?