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    Sonic DVD for PhotoShop 3

    Alll of your thoughts were not the issue. I have asked to return this awful program to roxio. I am very disappointed with the lack of response from the company. I was totally unable to get my registration to be accepted so I can talk to a customer support person and after a frustrating week have decided to try a different software. Thanks for trying though.
  2. Jlp

    Sonic DVD for PhotoShop 3

    I have tried to search for the answers but get absolutely no where. Are there no real people out there anymore?
  3. I just loaded the Sonic DVD for story 3. Everytime I try to save my movid to DVD I get the following: Runtime error: ProgramG:]Programfiles (f]Photos Story3 for windows\Photostory3.exe. This application has requested runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact application support team for more inormation. This has never happened before I loaded the sonic DVD. I am not really great on the cumputer but trying to learn. The support for this product is non existant so am hoping other users can help me. This is the most frustrating company to get answers from.