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  1. jgufey

    Lightscribe Disc

    Use only Maxell disc. speed is 48X
  2. jgufey

    Lightscribe Disc

    Win 7 creator 2012. Burn audio cd with creator on lightscribe disc works on pc and car not on a cd player. Burn same files to a regular cd-R work ok on all. Thanks
  3. Cd-r not readable in all players
  4. jgufey

    Creator 2012

    Just installed 2012. Can I remove 2010? Jim
  5. Win 7 easy creator 2010. Trying to copy disc have to convert files to mp3's. have mp'3 files try to burn audio cd showed completed wont play. Help
  6. jgufey

    Light Scribe files

    how do i import lightscribe files into Roxio 10. Have templetes or backgrounds on surething light scribe program i want to import. it worked on roxio 09. Thanks Jim
  7. jgufey

    Easy Cd Creator 9

    I have Version: 9.0.088 is there any upgrades or patches for this? Thanks
  8. jgufey

    Cd Key

    I have lost my cd key. tried contacting Roxio,Sonic and Digital River. The disc is from Digital River and has a order number. But when i pull it up it show backup option disc. Anyone have idea how i can clear up this matter? Thanks
  9. try to download get this message. authentication required wgt-dc2.digitalriver.com i don't understand. i have order with order number. Thanks Jim
  10. Tried to download uses DAP a download accelator. stops and wants me to be approve with signin. i thought with a program tah allows restarts for download it might work. can't get anyone to respond for refund. can someone help