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    Compressing video files

    It should work.. however from what I understand Audio cannot be compressed only video can on popcorn 2. So here is a tip: Make sure you only have selected the audio you will need (Dolby 5.1 for example) don't have checked all the audio (dolby 2.0 for example should not be selected on top of Dolby 5.1 etc.) Also make sure you don't have all the extras this can improve compression time and overall video quality... Also I did want to mention that Roxio products are very picky at times... so this issue could be due to how it was ripped, or made (for ex. iMove HD, iDVD etc.) Hope this helps!
  2. OSMacintosh

    Time to copy a DVD

    That is a long time... however on my Intel Core duo (2 Ghz) iMac that is common with H.264 using Roxio Popcorn.. not sure why it is soo slow for me either! Did you use Multipass... that may explain for the slowness... if not and you want HIGH quality looking movies from Roxio Popcorn 2 (and don't mind 7 hrs times 7 lol) than choose multipass which passes through the film 7 times and cleans up the image!! This is why in my post... why the quality looks so bad with Popcorn 2 because I did a test... single vob through QT looks great with ipod out... did the same thing with Popcorn 2 High Setting and looked horrible.. (with same single .vob)... so I am not sure on why QT has better output than Popcorn 2 with H.264 when they are using the same encoder or so I am told.... Anyways if you want good quality and fast speeds just use Handbrake for now.. it is free here is a link... http://handbrake.m0k.org/ I personally like Popcorn 2 because of Turbo which will eventually support Popcorn 2 (this device is by Elgato and speeds up the Time to encode with QT applications using H.264)
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    Bad Video Quality

    Hello, Why is it that when I select MP4 (Basic) at 7000kbps the quality is terrible? It is blotchy and unviewable.. .also when you pick TV out on Popcorn 2 it looks terrible as well (for iPod Format) Not to mention that any encoding for the iPod H.264 setting (High Quality) looks the same why is this? I am using DVD format and converting them with those presets and settings in Roxio Popcorn 2 EDIT: I did want to mention, that Roxio Popcorn 2 is Amazing with DVD copying. Also Popcorn 2 makes GREAT digital movies (QuickTime format) from DVDs in H.264 if you use multipass but it take 7 times as long to encode that movie... (looks better than handbrake even at 2-pass but Handbrake is faster) Personally time is nothing compared to quality. So I use multipass at 3000kpbs H.264.. However I am still curious on why H.264 DVD conversions look better through QuickTime than through Roxio at single pass.
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    Dolby Pro Logic II

    SOLVED: After hours of tests... it looks like Popcorn 2 is Pro Logic... because I did some compressions and played them side by side with the DVD no audio difference that I could tell... either I am not able to hear the difference (which makes me worried lol) or it is in dead Pro Logic.. more than likely it is Pro Logic due to iTunes selling Pro Logic movies! Thanks for all of you how were interested!! Please if someone can argue this be sure to let me know!!!!!
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    Dolby Pro Logic II

    Hello, I am very very very very (can't say that enough) disappointed with Roxio and Popcorn 2. WHY Roxio doesn't Popcorn 2 convert DVD's with surround sound in Dolby Pro Logic II (which keeps the surround sound in stereo) Handbrake a free program does this, why not you? (note just got off the phone with sales who said it doesn't use pro logic technology) Also why doesn't Popcorn 2 allow you to keep chapters, once again like Handbrake? No offense but we paid $50 for an application that doesn't do what it should. Sorry but if you want to export things to High quality for iTunes, than tell me why no Pro Logic II! It isn't that hard of a request and I am sure you could build it into your program as a plugin for QuickTime or something! Very disappointing... also I am sad to see you have yet to add multipass option to Roxio Popcorn for for iPod export.
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    VHS transfered to DVD---want to import to iMovie

    well one other suggestion... sadly it is not using popcorn try using handbrake or even MPEG Streamclip if you keep having issues they also take DVD files to quicktime formats... good luck Links to both programs: Handbrake: http://handbrake.m0k.org/ MPEG Streamclip: http://www.squared5.com/
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    Audio & Video out of sync on IPod. Help!

    If you did a custom... try making the sample rate recommended this helps with audio sync errors... as for the issue with English and German, try using popcorn to strip out the English all the together and make (uncheck English audio) it a disc image file...(using the burn Video_TS like you would a DVD) however go to file menu and select image... once you have the dvd image... open that up and rip it to ipod using your custom settings, and sample rate as recommended...hope this works.
  8. OSMacintosh

    Audio Out of Sync On H.264

    I have one other suggestion in case that doesn't work... make the Sample Rate Recommenced instead of 44.1 because I heard that at times that taking 44.8 sample rate to 44.1 can make audio out of sync... just a suggestion. Note you will have to do a custom option which if you are making the video for ipod that will cause issues with 640w size.
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    Dolby Pro Logic II

    lol yea that surround sound stuff is very very interesting to me to this is why I studied it a lot mostly in forums and research papers I did on Dolby and digital formats. I did talk with Apple extensively about the Apple TV and surround sound problem... it seems that most users are not using the digital optical out they are just using the component (AV) video output which they told me is not ideal for surround sound... which I never know about that before! Thanks for the artical I read a few things in it.. I love how he/she described Pro logic, and the difference between AC-3 which I still prefer over DTS due to almost everything supports AC-3.. and personally I can't hear a difference on my speakers. Another neat thing is this it is Dolby... I think there logo funny 5.1 on the go http://www.dolby.com/consumer/technology/prologic_II.html See I am not going to lie I am one of those "Quality freaks" which usually get yelled at on forums for requesting things like Apple lossless in .mov for Audio lol or even ALS which is lossless for H.264... I love the idea of the new Digital age of movies because I personally love the convince and cannot see much difference with a high encoder such as H.264 (usually I make a huge bit rate though... nothing like the iPod because that isn't good enough to me at Roxio's single pass) I figure if Turbo will support Roxio and also that Turbo does similar things as Roxio's Popcorn 2 and the Audio is in ACC (Dolby Pro Logic) Than I have no problem using them! I just think it would be nice to have that one program that makes like easier... unfortunately for people like me Roxio's Popcorn needs some work, I still wish that Elgato made there device work with Open source H.264 known as x.264 used in handbrake life would be so much easier. But wasting 3 to 4 hours on a movie is a lot of time when you can do it in half that time or more... with Turbo. Thus why I started my search to know what Roxio is using and I emailed Turbo about there Stereo as well lol... I will defiantly finish the articals review up more this weekend (bookmarked)... maybe there is something I need to learn about.. for now I did email John about the audio... hopefully he will respond will just be a nice peace of mind to know it is Dolby Certified surround sound. Thanks I really do appreciate your help/curiosity on the topic some people can be Rude about things on forums regarding quality in audio.. Thank again,
  10. OSMacintosh

    Dolby Pro Logic II

    Sadly no.. not that I am aware of other than testing it on Big Screen.. however I do not have an Apple TV yet, want to have one so making movies compatible (and convient).. the reason for using Popcorn is because it has better support for Video_TS folders etc. Also I wounder if AAC-LC in quicktime automatically does dolby pro logic... this I am not sure of... if it does I would imagine Popcorn would encode the 5.1 channels in Dolby Pro logic (probably version 1 which is what apple movies are in on iTunes)... see confusing.
  11. OSMacintosh


    just as for a refund... there is like a 30 or 15 day period for a refund..
  12. OSMacintosh

    Dolby Pro Logic II

    Thanks for your comment but this is what I mean... Dolby Pro Logic is stereo Sound, however when played through QuickTime it outputs 4.0 and even 5.1 sound depending on the Dolby Pro Logic version. Dolby Pro Logic Version 1 takes surround sound audio files puts them into stereo channels and then when played, they play as 4.0 sound. Dolby Pro logic II does the same thing as Pro logic I however it from stereo sound puts out 5.1.. from 2 channel sound. DVDs are mainly in 5.1 sound the only way in a stereo format to keep its 5.1 sound is using Dolby Pro logic II, There is re encoding done, for example on Handbrake you can select Dolby Pro Logic I or II and select it to be at 160 kbps AAC. (being as how AAC it will work on Apple TV and play out on Apple TV in surround sound because it has the ability to decode and playback surround sound files from encoded in Dolby Pro Logic thus iTunes Movies are Surround Sound) By doing this you make Surround sound files from stereo sound... iTunes does this with there movies however there movies are in Dolby Pro Logic I thus, why Steve said his movies are surround sound. lol sorry it is a bit complicated if the original is stereo sound Dolby Pro logic doesn't turn it into surround sound... it keeps it stero... however if the original was 5.1 sound and you use Dolby Pro Logic II you get in 2 Channel sound 5.1 audio playback in devices and software that can decode that technology Dolby Pro logic I however will take 5.1 down to 4.0 surround sound.... and does the same thing as II however only in 4.0 sound... once again sorry it is a complicated piece of technology Dolby Scientists are amazing. That being said my question is why doesn't popcorn 2 support Dolby pro logic that way when you make movies with popcorn 2 it will output that AAC audio at 160 kpbs with 2 channels that way when played back on iTunes and QuickTime will output the 5.1 and in ipod play back as stereo being as how ipod isn't surround sound compatible. This will also allow for the Apple TV to also playback the surround sound in those stereo sound files because it is capable of outputting 5.1 sound. Hope this helps... the whole point to me wanting this is because I feel with Turbo I can save a lot of time if roxio would support this verses using Handbrake which will not work with Turbo... Roxio Programs from what I am aware of will have support later on for Tubrio by Elgato making them faster than Handbrake I would imagine. Now the person who told me Roxio doesn't support Pro Logic could be wrong this is why I am posting up all this information on it lol... I did call again and one person said it is Dolby pro logic output.. however he didn't know the version number. So does anyone know if Roxio's Popcorn supports Pro Logic sound? I am getting confused because I just got a different answer lol.... John can you help me here lol... Sorry and I do appreciate all the feedback just trying to make Popcorn better,
  13. OSMacintosh

    subtitles in popcorn 2 ?

    I am getting upset myself I do not see any information on Popcorn 2 supporting Subtitles.... now I am really losing it.... why, Roxio why must you leave everything out... popcorn 2 is soo not worth the money for Digital Movie making!! At all.... -I mean now subtitle for digital movies -No chapters for Digital Movies -No Dolby Pro Logic support -No multipass for iPod (640w) Update these Roxio add support for these ASAP Please...!!!!
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    Dolby Pro Logic II

    I mean I have tons of suggestions for people like me who love movies, and love keeping quality! I mean not just Dolby Pro Logic I or II (hopefully both though) - (most important feature I think that needs to be added!) I would personally love to see Chapter Markers and More Profiles for encoding in H.264 such as High Profile and if possible ALS (which is lossless) I think we all can agree with Elgato making GREAT products such as Turbo I think we as customers have to help give them ideas to improve (not to sound mean trust me I do love Roxio always recommend them for DVD burning etc.) However I think they could do AMAZING things... and really blow people away. For so many people I know want a Application that does it all: DVD burning Digital Movie making (with HUGE features) And Roxio I think could really deliver such a product!! And Make a Fortune But support is coming soon from what I am aware of (which is GREAT) lol.
  15. OSMacintosh

    Dolby Pro Logic II

    The reason for the complaint is because I am very excited about using Roxio Popcorn because Elgato introduced their Tubro 264... which enhances H.264 encodings.. this hardware enhancement doesn't work with Handbrake. So I am really trying my best to see why Roxio hasn't implemented these additions yet (Dolby Pro Logic II or even I)? Now more than ever Roxio have the ability to really make some sales from Handbrake users, because there is a lot of excitement about Elgato's Turbo Which will speed up Roxio's H.264 encoding (because they use QT for their encodings) by up to 2 to 4 times the current speed. Roxio is the only program I know that uses QT to encode DVD's ... (and Turbo only enhances QT encodings of H.264). Thus, why I am sooo disappointed any suggestions?
  16. OSMacintosh

    No Multipass for *New* iPod Format?

    Hello is anyone else upset that Roxio, tricked us? They say they offer iPod 640 by 480 support which they do. However is anyone else upset that you spent 50 dollars on a product that will not allows multipass for the new H.264 format for iPod? I feel that they should allow for customiation to the new iPod settings. For I feel this is kind of a rip off. A free* program called MPEG-Stream Clip is more advanced with the iPod (and it is in Beta) than a commercial Application Popcorn 2.1. I am very upset at how unlike before you can't change audio settings or multipass for new H.264 640 by 480 iPod settings. In MPEGStream Clip your can! You can change Audio, fps, and even add multipass. They only reason I am upset at Roxio for not inlcuding this is that I have to have 2 programs when I very well would have just liked to have had Roxo's Popcorn do it all. HEY ROXIO... when will you allow this? Because multipass greatly increases Quality!
  17. OSMacintosh

    No Multipass for *New* iPod Format?

    Hello, Roxio please Tell us any news on multipass with Popcorn 2 and the new iPod 640w H.264 format? I am getting VERY impatient with the holidays! I am getting really really really upset, because MPEG Streamclip has its issues, so does Handbrake (no longer is being developed - at least for Intel macs) and I am at the same time Furious that you would not add this so we didn't have to argue with you about adding it. I feel like I am begging you for something I feel won't happen. PLEASE FOR GODS sake add multipass to Popcorn 2! and Hurry! with the holidays here and me getting a cool iLuv video system for my ipod and I would have loved to put my family videos on it. However your non multipass isn't to acceptable! So please please please add it. Or at least let us know why you won't be adding it. And finally update us about any new news in regard to adding multipass to popcorn 2. For your program is by FAR my favorite, GUI (interface) is beautifully done, and the way you separate movie titles is well done like a pro. But Please for us videophile ADD Multipass ASAP A very desperate customer. PS. Happy Holidays!!
  18. OSMacintosh

    No Multipass for *New* iPod Format?

    Hello, yes acctually it is worth the wait. I already use MPEG Streamclip which takes just as long as QuickTime (At least in my opion). I just LOVE Roxio's innovatie seprations of Movie Titles and extras This is why I really want multipass on Popcorn 2! The reason why I am so patient is because I am well a videophile. lol, I think that having blury frames in the movie is not up to par. That is why I love multipass and think is is worth the wait, no blury fast frames. Plus with me getting the 7inch screen player for my ipod this is a must lol. (talking about sonic impact's portable ipod player). Well thanks for your help and intrest in this post I do appricate it. Thanks JOHN at Roxio I do hope that feature is added!
  19. OSMacintosh

    No Multipass for *New* iPod Format?

    I watch it on both my iPod and iMac (which I use for all my media viewing Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks this should have been a choice, shame that Roxio isn't answering us on why they didn't add it.